Suit Up With Soto: Dress To Perfection

Suit Up With Soto: Dress To Perfection

As boot makers, we know the number one factor when it comes to premium comfort is the fit. From getting more value out of your clothing to elevating the look and feel of your favorite wardrobe staples, investing in craft can have benefits that are good for your self-esteem and good for your wallet. That’s why we asked our favorite local custom suit maker, Rick Soto, for expert advice on curating a tailor-made closet.

Will proper tailoring improve comfort?

One of our goals specifically at Soto & Co is to make suits that you can wear all night and not think, “I am ready to take this off." Proper tailoring is cut specifically for you. Adding finer fabrics to that tailoring brings a whole other dynamic to the comfort. 

Can proper tailoring extend the life of wear?

Absolutely, the quality of the craftsmanship can definitely extend the life of the garment.  One thing we do to contribute to that is to add a full canvas that extends down the jacket’s front, adding additional structure and weight allowing the suit jacket to mold more accurately to your shape with better drape. In short, a full canvas suit will fit better than any other option. It adds to the durability of the jacket by distributing tension from stress points (such as elbows and shoulders). It also helps cope with the rigors of dry cleaning. 

What are the most affordable adjustments to customizing a garment?

If we are doing alterations to an existing garment, typically the most valuable would be tapering the legs or bringing in the sides. Those alterations transform the suit. 

If you’re going to splurge on one tailored item what would it be?

With many social and business environments adopting more casual dress codes, a sport coat may just be the ideal garment for your wardrobe–a Swiss Army knife of style and versatility! 

When it comes to fit, what matters most?

When I work with clients I let them know that the most important thing we want to achieve when measuring and designing is to make sure we get the proportions right.  A suit with balanced, classic proportions is generally the most flattering suit, since it considers the wearer’s body first and foremost. I do not think there is one thing that matters more than another. From the length of the jacket to the shoulders, the back, sleeves or legs… All of the details play an important role when it comes to the overall fit of a suit.  

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