Summer in Suede: A Guide to Wearing Boots Through the Warmest Months

Summer in Suede: A Guide to Wearing Boots Through the Warmest Months

As we head into the warmer months, you don't have to retire your boots until the leaves start to change again. Low cut styles and light weight materials allow you to have more footwear options in the summer and prove that you don't have to sacrifice style because of the climate.  
We don't know about you but our winter months are not exactly dry, and wet weather has never been a friend to materials with nap like suede, rough-out or nubuck. Heading into the dryer summer months, we're excited to take these styles out of the closet without having to bring a spare pair of shoes as a backup or check the weather app and hope for clear skies. Being breathable, lightweight and flexible also helps to keep our feet comfortable as temperatures creep up to the triple digits (yes, we said triple).
We've pulled together some of our best lightweight or low-cut summer options here at HELM, because boot lovers shouldn't have to narrow down their options during any season. 


There's a reason that the Chelsea boot style has been around for over 100 years, continuing to be a fashion staple even 50 years after bands like the Beatles made it a must-have style. We knew the HELM collection needed it's very own Chelsea inspired boot and a few months back we introduced the Riley in peanut suede. With its simplistic design of less is more, it makes getting ready easy as the perfect throw-on boot with a pair of jeans or some dark fitted trousers. It's sleek, clean and straightforward, putting versatility, wearability and comfort above brogue or bells and whistles. 

Another style that stood the test of time as a necessary staple is the chukka. Since the 40's they have been a popular choice because of their ability to be worn as a casual boot or a dress shoe depending on the outfit or occasion. Originally seen more often with a crepe rubber sole that made this style lean more towards the casual, we opted for a leather sole for versatility and to allow the wearer to get more use out of them throughout the year. Going seamlessly from the office to the weekend, throwing on a pair of chukkas to complete an outfit has never been easier. 

For those of you looking for a lower-cut option in a breathable suede material, the first HELM shoe design has you covered. A dress style designed to convert easily to casual shoe, it makes this transition effortless and can pair with a well-worn pair of jeans, a tailored suit or tan slacks. Available in soft black or mushroom gray suede, it integrates smoothly into your wardrobe, meaning you can stop asking yourself "which shoes would go with this?" 



A low-cut modification of a Chukka style, you may recognize this style from its Signature versions in black and brown with bison panels. This new version takes your favorite things about the original (cutout in back for comfort, contrasting panels, the sleeker shape of the 415 last) and combines it with updated touches to set it into a class of its own. In a deep, rich navy tone, we switched the bison panels out with lush navy suede from Tasman for a whole new unique look of contrasting detail and design. 

Another take on the Chukka style, the Garza is built for comfort and durability. The HELM Raptor sole adds grip and support while being able to take a beating against the pavement, allowing them to last even longer and keep your feet comfortable throughout the years that you have them. The extremely soft, lightweight and flexible suede upper ensures that they not only feel great right out of the box, but that they have a minimal break-in time and are a perfect breathable boot for the summer.  Another added plus? The uppers have been treated, helping to make them more weather resistant and take some of the worry out of them getting wet!

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