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Tacos in Teak

You need sentinels in your neighborhood, and you've really got something special when those protectors and providers of the local zest are not just your neighbor, but also run a business where you live--especially one that's award-winning.

Jimmy Contreras is all three of these things. His restaurant, Taco y Vino, resides under a mile from his own home, in a quaint, converted craftsman-style house on the outskirts of the growing Bishop Arts District in Dallas. As for accolades, Taco y Vino brought home the hardware in its first year of business. Contreras credits an inventive menu--people don't regularly pair tacos with wine, but it works--and what Contreras called, "The Third Place" approach.

"We want this to be the third place you go the most, after home and work," said Contreras. "We're meant to have a buzz; the music is supposed to be loud."

Vinyl is constantly spinning in the corner of Taco y Vino, and it's not uncommon to hear some of Jimmy's favorite records; The Gorillaz, Radiohead, and Leon Bridges, to name a few. His love for music brought Jimmy together with another local business owner, David Grover of Spinster Records, and fellow locals Kate Siamro and Heather Poile. The four teamed up to launch LadyLove Lounge & Sounds, a hangout closer to the heart of Bishop Arts District, where patrons can enjoy good music while sipping and eating. Contreras is on point for the menu.

Jimmy is sporting The Wilson Teak in the video, and also modeled our new waxed, water-resistant Sienna pairs in The Wilson and The Evans

Jimmy's craft truly shines when examining how flavors go together between food and drink, and the infusion of music as a backdrop to it all. At Taco y Vino you'll see inventive spins on traditional Mexican food like the "Beef Choriqueso" taco which features beef chorizo grilled with whole milk mozzarella. Over at LadyLove the cuisine is more snackable and closer to home with flare; you'll find caviar served on housemade potato chips, and pesto sliders with truffle mayo served on toasted buns. At both, you'll find a soundtrack that helps guide your senses.

"My buddy walks in the backyard and he's like, "you're the only m********** I know that would eat tacos and drink rosé at the same time." - Jimmy Contreras, on the origins of the Taco y Vino name.

Taco y Vino is open 7 days a week and hosts a mean brunch on Sundays.

Jimmy was wearing his water-resistant Evans Sienna in the rain on the left, and is holding up a brand new pair of The Hynes Black on the right.

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