The 4 Best Products to Clean Your Sneakers

The 4 Best Products to Clean Your Sneakers

We’re building sneakers to last as long as your best loved pair of boots. Whether you have The Charlie, The Knox or The Zind, taking care of your HELM sneakers is simple and easy. With just a little love and attention (we recommend every 3-6 months), the HELM styles in your collection will get better and better with age. Keep reading to discover which 4 products are our favorites for keeping sneakers in mint condition. 

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Hands down the best and easiest way to give your pair a quick touchup, simply wet and gently scrub soles and sidewalls to bring your sneakers back to mint condition. 

Saddle Soap
When our regulars stop by the shop, we recommend Saddle Soap when or if they spill a seltzer or beer on their boots, and it works just as well when accidents happen at home. This leather soap will lift oil, grease, or undesired stains out of your leather. It’s easy to use and wipes off clean with a wet shop rag. Allow to dry overnight and apply a light coat of conditioner the following day to keep your uppers protected. 

You’ve heard us say it before: Blackrock is the best all around leather conditioning product we stock. It’s has wax in it's all-natural ingredient list and is even American made. We use this stuff on everything, from the vintage furniture at the shop to keeping our HELM uppers looking luxe. 

If you don’t need the full saddle soap treatment, this leather balm packs a punch that will touch-up any top-grade hide. We often recommend the Natural for cleaning leather soles. The Black and Brown tinted polish will bring Rockford Brown or Black Balthazar back to out-of-the-box luster, in the event of deeper scuffs and scratches. 

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