The 411 on Men's Boot Styles

The 411 on Men's Boot Styles

Boots are a staple and essential to a man's wardrobe. But how can you choose the best style for you out of so many?

It's easy. In this guide, we will break down the men's boot styles you need to know to spice up your shoe wardrobe.

1. Chelsea Boots

If you're looking for a versatile style of boot to go with almost every type of clothing, the Chelsea boot is the type for you. You can wear this men's boot style for your day job Monday through Friday and then you can make it casual for the weekend.

The Chelsea boot goes back to the Victorian era. The boot was designed for Queen Victoria herself.

By the 1950s, artists like The Beatles made the Chelsea boot popular again.

2. Desert Boots

The desert boot or chukka boot is versatile and you can combine it with many outfits. You can wear it with jeans and khakis in the summer or with corduroys for the cold winter months.

For the summer and spring season, you have the option of wearing the suede material. When the weather starts to cool down in the fall and winter, you can also get this boot in a leather material.

These boots are more common in dark brown, mid brown, and chocolate brown because they're the most versatile colors.

3. Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are for men who love adventure in mind. They are sturdy and weather resistant.

These styles feature a leather lining and orthopedic features for extra comfort. The orthopedic features provide ankle support so you're able to stay comfortable even when you navigate through tough terrain.

However, you don't have to love hiking and the outdoors to enjoy these boots. You can wear them during the colder months when you take your dog for a walk or simply to go out on the town.

4. Cowboy Boots

No men's boot styles list would be complete without having cowboy boots on the list. These western style boots have a long history and everyone can recognize a well-made cowboy boot.

These boots are both functional and stylish. You can get them in the taller version or a shorter style.

The traditional cowboy boots are tall, angled, and featured a riding heel. The shorter boot version doesn't feature the riding heel because it's meant for walking.

5. Brogue Boots

What if you could combine the oxford shoe into a boot? Good news, that's what you get with the brogue boot.

These boots are the perfect transition between the fall and winter months. Brogues and oxford shoes might not be weatherproof, but with the boot, version is a different story.

Brogue boots feature rubber soles, are ankle length, and the material is stronger.

6. Work Boots

The work boot gets its name because the features are created with functionality in mind. Work boots have to be weatherproof so they protect you when you're working in less than desirable conditions.

The features include waterproof liners, insulated uppers, and treaded outsoles. The material of work boots is also resistant to protect your feet from injuries it something heavy were to fall on your feet.

If you need a great example of work boots, think of Timberland-style boots, which are durable as they are stylish.

7. Dress Boots

Dress boots are a great choice when you want to invest in boots that are made of exotic leathers and are great when you want to dress up your outfit. They also feature the same thin lace style as dress shoes.

You can even wear these boots with a suit because the boot will be covered and all you'll be left with is what will look like a dress shoe.

Keep in mind the versatility of these boots doesn't come cheap. They are a big investment, but you will get lots of wear out of them.

8. Heritage Boots

Out of all the men's boot styles, the heritage boots are the perfect combination or function and style.

These boots are meant to look distressed like old utility boots, so they're often made by hand. You don't have to get one handmade, but if you want a more authentic distress, we recommend it.

They lack all of the features of a real work boot, but they are more versatile and stylish to wear on a daily basis.

9. Derby Boots

The derby boot is best described as a combination of brogue boots and Nike's sneaker boots. With this style of boot, you'll get two styles in one.

Derby boots have a round-toed area and are open-laced.

These boots come in many different colors such as chocolate brown, tan, and black. You'll be able to wear these with practically everything.

10. Balmoral Boot

The Balmoral boot is perfect for men who love elegance and always want to look the part.

This boot goes well as an alternative to dress shoes when you pair it with three-piece suits.

Balmoral boots are not recommended for winter when you live in harsh climates. However, if you live in milder areas, you can wear this boot year-round.

You will need to know how to dress this boot if you want to wear the alternative colors. If you're new to this boot, we suggest you stick to black.

11. The Rocker Boot

Out of all the men's boot styles, this one will make you feel like a real rockstar.

The rocker boot is a combination of a cowboy boot because it features the angled tip and the riding heel, and a harness motorcycle boot.

This boot is for real rock and roll fans who want to let out their inner party animal and don't mind a little bit of androgyny.

Did You Enjoy These Men's Boot Styles?

Mens' boots come in a variety of styles and functionality. There is a style for everyone.

Now that you know about the trendiest men's boot styles, it's time for you to shop.

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