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The Zind Reviewed By 100Wears

Jeff, owner and writer of 100Wears, knows a thing or two about footwear. He also knows that “out of the box only tells one story”. We were so excited when he  was interested in reviewing The Zind, because if there’s one thing we know about our footwear, it’s that it  looks good today and even better years down the road. Read on to see how The Zind Teak stacks up for a footwear reviewer.

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Image credit: 100Wears

When It Comes To Our Leathers

“When it comes to the upper of The Zind, I have to say that the leather is the star of the show. Particularly in this teak colorway. Out of the box it’s basically your standard light-brown, but the teak has some of the most dramatic pull up that I’ve seen on any leather. It comes alive with a bit of wear.”

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Image credit: 100Wears

Fit and Comfort

"The Helm Zind, built on their 415 last, reminds a lot of the Viberg 2030 in shape. Just without the wonky sizing. In other words, it’s fairly generous through the ball, but narrows quite a bit in at the toe box. I found going with my typical “go-to” size fit me best. A half size down worked on most of my foot, but resulted in some uncomfortable toe pinch.

If you have slightly wide feet (or even just slightly wide toes), I’d go true to size. If you’re on the narrow side and prefer a closer fit, I’d consider going down half a size. Helm also offers an EE width, but I think the folks who typically go for an “E” width will be better off in the D over the EE."

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Image credit: 100Wears

When It Comes To The Details

“More importantly though, are the little touches that nobody sees but show that there was durability in mind when designing the boot. Things like the nails in the outsole near the toe, or the lining in the pull loop. Nobody will ever see these when you are wearing them, and I bet a lot of owners don’t even know about these.”

Image credit: 100 Wears