The Hollis with a new sole

The Hollis Is Getting An Upgraded Sole

We're upgrading our sole on The Hollis from a mini lug sole to a custom rubber lug sole

The customer rubber lug sole provides increased comfort, superior traction, lasts longer, and it is season-proof

The new sole becomes available as we begin filling size holes as sizes in the current Hollis are purchased

About Our Custom Rubber Lug Sole

The Hollis is available in four different colors

Please note: The Hollis Olive is on the style's former Mini Lug sole, and there are no current plans to produce it with our new, upgraded sole.

It all started with the finn...

The Finn was the first product we released with our custom rubber lug sole. We wanted to create something with better year-round versatility, so the wearer didn't feel it necessary to pack away a favorite pair during rainy seasons, or periods with extreme temperature. Of course, you should always take care of your footwear, and we are big advocates of routine leather maintenance and periodic check-ups on your boots, shoes, and sneakers.

We provide you with the knowledge to take care of your stuff, and our care partners are chosen by HELM because they're the best at what they do. Remember these three keys: condition, polish, and protect.

Keep your HELM at its best!

Shown above are the products we recommend for non-suede leather care:

  1. Blackrock Leather 'n Rich is great for conditioning your leather and giving it the best kind of hydration
  2. Pure Polish pigmented polish is great for bringing your footwear's color back to life, and non-pigmented High Shine is great for making your pair really shine
  3. Otter Wax Leather Sealant is great for sealing out moisture and giving your footwear that added layer of protection

Want to take it a step further? Grab a cedar shoe tree for storage and additional moisture absorption.

Have more questions about the new sole? let us know at

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