The Saturday Six

The Saturday Six




A quintessential New England town, Middlebury, VT is home to not one but two coffee shops that offer quality coffee and (for a limited time) a deliciously brewed mocktail menu. Matt and Aless Delia-Lobo opened Royal Oak in 2019, with Lost Monarch's grand opening not far behind. The latter is located down the road in the stunning Stone Mill (alongside the Mad Taco), where you can often find wine tasting or local vendors setting up market nearby. If you've never had a maple latte, this is the place to try your first - the Shaken Iced version is a must. Looking for something a little warmer as the temperatures drop? The Cardomom Vanilla Bean Latte won't disappoint. 



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In 1986, Christopher Knight left his keys on the seat of his car and disappeared into the woods of Maine. 27 Years later he resurfaced, although not exactly by choice, and his story unfolded slowly as people argued over his intentions, his activities and his status as "the last true hermit." The Stranger in the Woods explores more than just Chris's story - it makes us take a closer look at our ideas of community, loneliness, boredom, and our definition of living happily and what that means to each of us.






You've probably already heard of Pendleton. You may even have a blanket or jacket from them. If you don't (or if you're looking for something new), their National Parks Products are not just a gorgeously crafted addition to your home or wardrobe, they help support the National Park Foundation. T-shirts, blankets, bags, even dog beds - with over $900,000 already donated from purchases through Pendleton, there's something here you'll love and that you know is going to a great cause. 






Phoebe Bridgers got her start as a child singing at the Pasadena Farmer's Market, and in the years since she's collaborated with Julien Baker and Conor Oberst as well as having her music featured on multiple shows, including 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. Her recent release, Punisher, offers something for everyone - insightful, beautiful, melancholy and wistful. Her intense and graceful voice winds through the album, and with a release so soon after the pandemic, lyrics like "When I get back, I'll lay around. Then I'll get up and lay back down. Romanticize a quiet life - there's no place like my room," take on a whole new meaning. Have a listen and you're sure to find a song that speaks directly to you.





Making cocktails at home has become a hobby for many of us, and before the summer disappears it's still the perfect weather to sit outside and share a drink with a friend or two. Want to impress them with your mixing skills? That's where Tuxedo No. 2 comes in. With an extensive list that's alphabetized and recipes that are impressively easy to follow and achieve, no matter what you or you friends gravitate toward, you'll find it here. 






Despite the name, First Book offers more than just reading materials for schools and kids in need of them. They also supply sports equipment, clothing, snacks and more to ensure that children are safe and healthy while pursuing their education. With multiple avenues to help out, from starting a fundraiser, donating, joining the book club, (the list goes on), there are plenty of ways to take part in making sure that each child has the opportunity they deserve to learn and grow.

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