The Saturday Six 134

The Saturday Six 134


SUPPORT | Bearaby Halloween Napper


For anyone who has ever slept under a weighted blanket, you know what a calm and restful sleep they can bring. Bearaby creates theirs using sustainable materials and without any plastic, using breathable knits for a look that fits in perfectly in any room of the house. This Halloween, Bearaby has paired up with This Saves Lives to make every purchase this season go even further. When you get one of their Pumpkin colored Nappers, it will come with treats to enjoy while curled up for a scary movie marathon, plus they'll send packets of food to fight malnutrition in children around the world. Read more about the partnership here and see what your better night's sleep can help bring to others. 



WEAR | Vuori


Working from home has us looking for clothes that can easily transition from working to working out to running errands to relaxing with the family. Vuori creates each piece with the durability and versatility needed to accomplish all of this in comfort and style. Their apparel puts care at the center of everything they do, from manufacturing that cares for it's workers, to production and sourcing that cares for the environment, all the way to the end product that makes sure you're taken care of. Shop their line for men and women, and make sure to check out their journal while you're there for updates on staying active, healthy and read stories from other Vuori fans.




WATCH | What We Do In The Shadows


Following four vampires from Staten Island, What We Do in the Shadows is a mockumentary that just wrapped it's second season this year. Great for anyone who is looking for a Halloween show but isn't a fan of being frightened, we especially love Colin, an energy vampire who feeds off of people in his office by boring them with mindless conversation. Already renewed for a third season, it's the perfect time to laugh your way through the first two seasons and skip the Halloween scares this year.




LISTEN | Fleet Foxes - Shore


Fleet Foxes fans will recognize the familiar folk melodies and resonant vocals of Robin Pecknold, but their newest album, Shore, offers an uplifting tone that we don't encounter as often in their music. A project that has been years in the making, it slowed down in March when Covid hit and it's release date became unsure. Now it's finally here and available to play on repeat on Spotify. With sweeping melodies and lyrics like "I'm gonna swim for a week in warm American water with dear friends/Just intending that I would delight them/Swimming high on a lea in Eden" their songs are exactly what we need as we look forward to 2021, singing along to "May the last long year be forgiven/All that war left within it."



READ | I Am Every Good Thing


Beautiful and vibrant illustrations paired with bold, uplifting words of encouragement and confidence make up the book I Am A Very Good Thing. Written as an empowering narrative, this is a book that can teach children to find and affirm their strengths, persevering even when they feel scared and unsure. A must for every bookshelf, the narrator teaches confidence and creativity, putting a voice to the feelings of worth that every child deserves to feel and gives them the opportunity to see and hear themselves within it's pages. This is one that can add value to every day, and serves as a constant reminder and lesson to our children that they are a "very good thing" in so many ways.



FOLLOW | @trevor_stuurman


There's a very good reason that Trevor Stuurman was featured in Forbe's 30 Under 30 and took the title of Style Reporter for Elle in 2012. It's clear from the moment you see his work - pops of color, stunning contrasts, and bold patterns that flow through his art. Every new photo is a testament to the beauty and diversity that can be found in the world, amplified through Trevor's lens. It was a challenge to choose just one photo to feature for this Saturday Six highlight, and if you head over to his Instagram then you'll see why. Give him a follow while you're there - you'll never to be less than captivated. 

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