The Saturday Six 135

The Saturday Six 135


ATTEND |  Adreon Henry at CAMIBAart


A master artist in blending unique and differing mediums, we've been lucky enough to feature Adreon Henry's work at our own shop. A combination of painting, silk-screening, weaving, and sanding (his full process is captivating and worth the read), the end products should be seen up close and in person. Thanks to his upcoming show titled Intersecting Stories in Superposition at  CAMIBAart Gallery, this is possible. You can see his creations from October 24th through November 21st - with the gallery open by appointment only, make sure to call ahead. It's a perfect way to view this must-see exhibit and without distraction - think of it as your own personal gallery tour.




EAT | The Beer Plant



A great burger or good pizza is easy enough to find, but vegan options done right take a bit more searching. That's why we were excited to try The Beer Plant, located in the Tarrytown neighborhood of Austin. Friendly staff, delicious cocktails (the guava coconut mojita was a fast favorite), and sizeable portions, we couldn't wait to see how they would pull off mac and "cheese" (cashews) or the "chicken" and gravy (seitan). The Little Gem and Pear Salad disappeared quickly along with the Sriracha Glazed Brussel Sprouts and Korean Broccoli. Needless to say, if everything else on their menu is as good as these dishes were, we can't wait to order even more. We're eyeing the Aloo Gobi inspired curry and the Nashville hot and crispy mushrooms for our next take-out order.




DRINKKahawa 1893


Founded by Margaret Nyamumbo, Kahawa 1893 sets out to strengthen the supply chain, ensuring that Kenyan farmers earn a sustainable income for their hard work and expertise in an industry that so many of us benefit from and use to get our day started. Removing the middleman, Kahawa commits 25% of their proceeds to the women behind coffee farming in Kenya, helping them participate equally in trade and benefit financially in ways that haven't been available to them in the past. Kahawa's blends are all available online, in single purchase bags or as part of a subscription, but we're particularly crazy about the single serve bags. Just like a tea bag, you let these steep in hot water, taking the measurement out of our morning and getting you to that great cup of coffee even faster.




WATCH | Schitt's Creek: Best Wishes, Warmest Regards


Any fan of Schitt's Creek had a hard time letting this show go when it ended its sixth and final season this past year, and its hard to imagine finding another series quite like it. To help fill the viewing void that it left behind, Best Wishes, Warmest Regards steps behind the scenes and tells the stories of how our favorite characters were cast before becoming the true family that they were when it ended. The wardrobe, the writing, the table reads - it's all here, with tears and moving letters from fans who found something in this show beyond the laughs. Watch this short heartfelt documentary and get ready to fall in love with it all over again. 


photo by vlada karpovich

READ | The Write Launch



Sometimes we crave a break from news article or the commitment of a long novel, and The Write Launch offers a great escape. A place for writers to come together over a shared passion, you'll find poems and short stories on a wide range of subjects and with diverse styles of writing, making it easy to find a new favorite. A perfect site for finding a new favorite author, or even a spot to submit your own work, we could easily spend hours browsing and jumping from one imagination to the next. Head over and start browsing their back issues - you never know what world you might end up in.




FOLLOW | Grace Lynn Haynes


The artist behind two of our favorite New Yorker covers, Grace Lynn Haynes depicts Black womanhood with radiant colors and textures on mesmerizing and beautiful dark silhouettes - showing the beauty in contrast and how her diverse tones flow cohesively. Vulnerable and strong. Gentle and independent. Her images capture both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. You can see more of her work here or follow her on Instagram, and if you find yourself in Newark, NJ, be sure to stop by and admire her mural of Sojourner Truth

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