The Saturday Six 136

The Saturday Six 136


READ | Goodnight Goon


While we all know the classic, Goodnight Moon, Michael Rex has given it a spooky revival as Goodnight Goon. A fun read for the kids and one that they're sure to want to revisit outside of October, this adorable parody features detailed and fun illustrations with brand new characters. The creatures are endearing and funny, with the Thing Under the Bed becoming something for children to laugh at instead of be scared of. Unique and imaginative, it brings a fresh round of fun to the bedtime routine. 




DRINK | Glogg (And Other Recipes)


Morgan and Alice are the duo behind The Drink Blog, and while she snaps the tempting photos, he mixes up one heck of a drink, creating fun recipes and blog pieces for each one. Although we suggest browsing the full list of cocktails, we're enjoying some chilly weather here, so the Glogg has been a frequent favorite. Deliciously mulled wine that (with the help of M & A) is easy to make at home, it's spiced flavor fits in perfectly with the Fall weather, and it doesn't hurt that it will warm you up. Need a well-themed drink for tonight? Try the Corpse Reviver. For something delicious and visually impressive, we would suggest the Barrel Aged S'more Martini. Cheers!




LISTEN | Goodbye To All This 


Beautiful, tragic, honest and at times very raw, Goodbye To All This is a new podcast from the BBC World Service. Although not all of the episodes have been released yet, we're caught up and anxiously waiting for more. With her dark humor and amazing ability at storytelling, Sophie Townsend recounts her experience of losing her husband to cancer and what life after love looks like. Although deeply personal, you will find yourself moving through emotions of grief, empathy, connection, gratitude and more right along with her. Charming and heartbreaking, we're looking forward to the next release and so will you. 




FOLLOW  | Helen Nugent


You don't have to love pie to appreciate the skill that goes into Helen Nugent's creations. This self-taught culinary artist is worth the follow just to see what she bakes up next, and you'll realize pretty quickly that cakes aren't the only pastry that can become a masterpiece. Cutouts, borders, braids, etching - you almost can't imagine eating them. Almost. If you're interested in giving it a try, she has recipes available to take a crack at. We figure the worst case scenario is that we have a delicious (although not as attractive) dessert at the end of it all. 




DANCE | Colter Wall - Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs


Although Saskatchewan may not be the first place we think of when we think "classic country music," Colter Wall may be quickly changing that. His tone invokes the familiar twang and nostalgic lilt of traditional western music, bringing us back to the genre's roots and some of our own childhoods. Free from the touch of auto-tune and overproducing, his baritone voice weaves  through stories told by the greats before him - Marty Robbins and Lewis Martin Pederson just to name a couple. Originals by Wall are hidden within the collection, but it may be hard to pick them out when they fit in so well with the classics. Give it a listen and see if you can tell which ones they are.  




SUPPORT | Don't Be A Monster


Although this one may seem Halloween themed, Don't Be A Monster works year round to fight bullying and empower students in 4th-10th grade. Educating kids on how to build a better, more inclusive community, they encourage kindness and celebrate the unique qualities that each child has. With virtual assemblies, Fun Runs and resources on self care and mental health, DBAM helps to bring awareness not just to the students, but to the parents and educators as well, to help us all build a better environment where every child thrives. 

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