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SHOP | Outerknown


Started by surf legend, Kelly Slater,
Outerknown began with a commitment and a goal for the highest level of sustainability when it comes to their products. Five years later they've created a brand that not only uses recycled fibers and is Fair Labor Association accredited, but works hard to ensure their clothing doesn't end up in landfills. This is achieved by repairing, replacing or recycling the items you purchase from them, and their S.E.A jeans come with a lifetime guarantee or free repairs if they rip or break down. It doesn't hurt that their clothing looks good and is incredibly comfortable, so we can all achieve sustainability in style.




BAKE | King Arthur Dog Treats


Making your own dog biscuits might seem like a lengthy endeavor, but when we tried out the King Arthur Biscuit Mix we were surprised at how easy it was. So easy that we've been making them as handmade gift treats for our fellow dog owner friends and their pups every chance we get. The recipe was developed with veterinarians, and you can tweak it to include favorites (like peanut butter), so these treats are healthy and allow us to know exactly what we're feeding our furry friends. Looking to make your own bag of goodies for the pet lovers in your life? The gift set comes with a bone-shaped cookie cutter and stickers with doggy bags to make it even easier to get started. 




LISTEN | Tyler Childers - Long Violent History


The bluegrass and folk stylings of Tyler Childers come together in a stunning and meaningful way for his recent album, Long Violent History. Comprised of eight instrumental songs that exhibit his skill on the fiddle, the album culminates with it's ninth track that speaks on empathy and injustice. "In all my born days, this white boy from Hickman/Based on the way that the world's been to me/It's called me belligerent, it's took me for ignorant/But it ain't never once made me scared just to be," is Childer's unambiguous ode to inequity and inequality. We suggest giving it a listen, and for more background, you can watch his video explaining the meaning behind the music. 100% of proceeds from this album's sale will go to the Hickman Holler Appalachian Relief Fund, supporting communities in the Appalachian region but you can also give a donation directly here




DRINK | Barista Parlor


Last time we were in Nashville we got a coffee that has us looking forward to our next visit to the city. Barista Parlor is a stylishly curated space that offers a deliciously crafted cup. Featuring local artists and bakeries and with four locations (a fifth is opening soon), it makes it even easier to stop by for some caffeine on the go. When we were there we fell in love with the Bourbon Vanilla, but we're looking forward to trying the Coffee Soda next time. If you're in Nashville, stop by and let us know how the sparkling coffee with vanilla tastes. Not in Tennessee? You can brew their beans from the comfort of your own home until you're able to swing by for a visit in person. 




DOWNLOAD | Oak Meditation App


When you hear the word meditation, you might have an image of sitting quietly and cross-legged in your mind, but it goes far beyond that. Meditation can be calming breaths; it can be techniques to help you relax before that big meeting or an exercise that you do to fall asleep. If you don't know where to start, Oak can help. An app to lead you through the different styles of meditation and mindfulness, it brings much-needed tranquility and teaches you how to incorporate this into your daily routines and schedule. Fully guided step-by-step practices, Oak is free to use and easy to navigate, so start learning how to bring a bit more peace to your every day. 






SAGE Studio
 is located in Austin, TX, and is a place for artists and creators with developmental disabilities to come together. Here they can design, produce and construct pieces with other talented artists as mentors. In the studio space, they work to create portfolios and put together exhibits that will help to move them towards a career in art. SAGE also features artisans with disabilities who work outside of the studio space, establishing a far-reaching community of talented individuals while giving them a place to channel and display their skills and creations. You can take a closer look at each artist's portfolio here, as well as shopping or donating, and be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events and exhibits so you can see the work in person.

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