The Saturday Six 138

The Saturday Six 138


EAT | Bacon St. Bagels


NY style bagels just made it to Virginia. Made in-house with the signature glaze and soft dough that makes a bagel a legendary "New Yorker," Bacon St. serves them up fresh and warm, breakfast sandwich style or a classic cream cheese. If you don't know why someone would rave about a bagel, it just means you haven't had one like this before. We suggest stopping by for a bite, but be warned - once you've had one of these, just any old bagel won't do. It'll have to be Bacon St. 




LISTEN | Geographer - The Other Side


San Francisco based band, Geographer, just released a new single this past week and we find ourselves putting it on whenever we need a musical pick-me-up. Blending electronic and acoustic elements that gain momentum and energy throughout, The Other Side is an addictive mixture of Mike Deni's vocals and layered dreamy soundscapes. Much like his other songs (Read My Mind and You Say You Love Me just to name a couple), his emotional lyrics are woven into upbeat rhythms. They make it possible to relate to his music and heartbreak, while realizing the songs that gets us through those experiences can also simultaneously be pushing us towards positivity.




READ | The Rare Authority of Alex Trebek


Many of us have spent more than one night yelling answers from our couch, always in the form of the question, as if the host of this long-running show would correct us from our TV screens. That is the affect that Alex Trebek had, and this recent article from The New Yorker pays tribute to his extraordinary influence. We tuned in for more than 8,000 episodes over the course of 35 years, and it's hard to imagine a version of the show without the familiar host. After reading this piece, we suggest heading over to Netflix and binge-watching a few episodes to revisit this singular icon - one who was able to make trivia a comforting weeknight staple and who will be wholly missed. 




EATCH | Queen's Gambit


Looking for a new show that you'll likely finish too fast? A limited series based off of a book by the same name, the Queen's Gambit follows Beth Harmon, beginning with her childhood in an orphanage and following her through struggles with addiction, loneliness, and her mastery in chess. More than just a story about this game of strategy, Queen's Gambit touches on the perils of dependence, the obstacles of gender bias, the turmoil of family and everything that falls in between during the Cold War era. Visually stunning and at times heartbreaking, this show will draw you in and leave you wishing for a season two.




CHEERS | Bar Peached Cocktails To-Go


As most places have moved to offering take-out options, a good cocktail with a delicious meal to-go has become a treat when we're looking to unwind, skip cooking, and head into the weekend. Bar Peached offers sparkling wines, whites and reds, sake, beer, and most importantly, some delicious bottled cocktails. The Big Breezy (watermelon, gin and lemon) and the Yoga and Chill (vodka, lime and cucumber water) are a refreshing way to raise a glass to the end of a long week, and we're more than happy to cheers to that.




VISIT | The MET Online


Skip the lines, the crowds, and the maps to find your way through a maze of rooms. The MET Online offers tours of their exhibits, interviews with artists, and digital features just for kids, all from the comfort of home. Take a 360° tour, join a virtual event or watch videos of what goes into conserving the artifacts. Still want to see even more? Head over to the Google Arts & Culture section where you can browse even more exhibits at your own leisure. 

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