The Saturday Six 141

The Saturday Six 141

photo by nicolai mccrary 

EAT | Rogue Radish


Healthy, delicious and made up of heaping full portions, Rogue Radish is a trailer off of Manor Rd in Austin that we stumbled upon and can't wait to get back to. While most of the bowls come as vegan options, you can easily add protein in the form of tamari eggs or roasted goat, plus you have the option to give it a kick with some chili oil. You can have yours delivered or pick up in person, but no matter how you order, show up hungry. The ingredients are farm fresh, regularly rotated and hard to share.




WATCH | The One I Love


This one will be a challenge to talk up since any explanation gives away too much, and it really is just a cliché "you have to see it for yourself" kind of movie. Starring Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men, The Handmaid's Tale, Us) and Mark Duplass (Big Mouth, The League, Zero Dark Thirty), The One I Love is described as a "dark comedy," but it slowly evolves into suspense as you follow a couple on a retreat meant to save their marriage. As strange as it is captivating, once you've watched it you'll see why we couldn't say more and understand why we fell in love with this thriller meets romance. 



art by casey thornton



The winters can be long even in a good year, so we were excited to find a creative and interactive option to pass the time. Artwork Archive introduced #artuniteschallenge, bringing the community together to explore, discover and share what inspires and drives us. They release "artistic prompts" to spark creativity and close the distance we all have been feeling. Some of our favorites? Making stamps from household items, crafting one mini drawing or painting a day, or repurposing junk mail into a collage or sculpture. Give it a shot. You might be surprised what you design.  




SHOP | Native Sets


We like to know what goes into the products we use, and if it sounds like a chemistry set, no thanks. That's why Native products are such a no-brainer. Aluminum free, paraben free, cruelty free, hassle free - their products are made from ingredients we can recognize and trust. With their sets we can easily get everything we need from a brand we trust, with deodorant, body wash and soap in a range of scents (including unscented as well). Available for men, women and teens and even offering buildable packs, it's hard not to jump on board once you see how much better it feels to treat your body to the right ingredients. 




READ | The Trouble With Poetry: And Other Poems by Bill Collins


An enjoyable and easy book to devour in one sitting, The Trouble With Poetry: And Other Poems by Bill Collins is a collection of poems that touch on creativity, heartbreak, and death, all through his witty and often hilarious style of writing. Even for those who find it hard to dive into poems, these short pieces are approachable and engaging. Still not sure? Read his piece titled The Lanyard and you may soon find yourself paging through the rest of the collection. 




LISTEN | Secret Garden by Tivon Pennicott


Winner of three Grammys, Tivon Pennicott has worked with Stevie Wonder, Jon Batiste, Gregory Porter and more. He has a stunning ability as a saxophonist to easily transport you back to a golden age of jazz, and his 2020 album, Spirit Garden, is no different. Filled with the timeless and classic refrains that we love, infused with his Southern Gospel and Jamaican roots, this album is the perfect soundtrack for any relaxing night at home. We would know - it's been our companion to a glass of wine and many a family dinner. 

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