The Saturday Six 143

The Saturday Six 143


FOLLOW | My Food Story Blog


Cold, rainy weather has us craving warm food and some added spice. The blog My Food Story is one of our favorite spots to go for some cooking inspiration when we're searching for more excitement and flavor, and Richa Gupta offers delicious recipes with gorgeous photography to get your motivation going. We love to browse the curries (slow cooker and pressure cooker friendly options), fast and easy recipes (when you're cooking on a time crunch), desserts (of course), and a ton more. There's plenty to find in the archives and it's easy to work up an appetite - the hardest part is figuring out which one to make first. 




LISTEN | Honeymoon Phase - OSKA


OSKA, the Austrian-born musician who many people were introduced to back in 2019 through her single Come Home, just released her newest album titled Honeymoon PhaseHer silvery vocals wind through songs about the awkwardness and insecurities of a new relationship, look back at her younger years, and explore connections she had throughout various stages of her life. Starting with the soft rhythms of "Distant Universe" and slowly building to the more upbeat pulse of "Somebody," the album ends with "Love You've Lost" which features her siblings vocals and is as upbeat as it is nostalgic in it's message. Fans of FeistRegina Spektor and Arlo Parks are sure to find similarities here - go ahead and give it a listen to see for yourself. 




READ | Tell Me Where It Hurts by Nick Trout


Usually when we think of the vet, humor isn't the next thing to come to mind. Nick Trout changes that. His book, 
Tell Me Where It Hurtsgoes behind the scenes at the vet clinic and gives us a look at what its' like to be on the other side of the examination table. He gives a humorous voice to the ridiculous and a heartfelt and professional perspective to the harder moments as pet owners. These aren't just stories about the pets he's worked with - they're about the people that love them and about no matter how any advances we make in medicine, the compassion remains the same. 




SEE | Aaron Ricketts 


Mesmerizing. Modern. Innovative. Aaron Ricketts' photography is one striking work of art after another. He's worked with Converse, Adidas, The New York Times and Vice among others, so you may have already witnessed his skill, but if you haven't then we highly suggest taking a look. Constantly impressive, his photographs speak much more than a thousand words and there seems to be no limit to his talent. We can't wait to see what he releases next. 




WATCH | New York Subway Signs Short


The idea of a daily commute has changed and part of us has been missing the bustle of a busy train station and the synchronized flow of people heading to their next destination. Watching this quick video from 2013 brought part of that feeling back, while showing how good it can feel to just make a stranger laugh. A simple game created by a group of people to insert some humor into a necessary daily routine, this minute and a half video has us thinking of ways to adapt this technique in our new daily routine and maybe gain a few socially-distanced laughs from strangers in our lives. 






With over 4,000 interactive panoramas that span the globe, AirPano has been our go-to way to explore from home. See the shocking blue water of the Antarctic.  Look down from the top of the Huangshan Mountains. Take a video tour of Kizhi Pogost (this is craftsmanship you have to see to believe). Discovering the far corners of the earth is easy here, and we're constantly adding places to our bucket list that we can't wait to explore in person. 

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