The Saturday Six Vol. 130

The Saturday Six Vol. 130


WATCH | 2020 Emmy Awards


As many interviews and live programming move to a virtual space, the Emmys aren't much different. This won't be your average Zoom style videography though. High quality cameras and the awards brought directly to the actors homes, hotels, gardens, etc. Wherever they are, we'll be. Jimmy Kimmel hosts and Oprah, America Ferrera and Anthony Anderson are just a few of the presenters that will appear. Tune in to see how they pull off the virtual Emmys and see who takes home the winged statuette - our money is on The Watchmen and Schitt's Creek.




DRINK | Chrome Yellow Trading Co.


If that photo of their drink, Purple Rain, isn't enough to make you want to try something from the Chrome Yellow Trading Co. menu, well we suggest taking a look at their Strawberry Fields - a berry hibiscus tea concentrate, lemon simple syrup, oat milk and sparkling Montane water. This isn't your everyday coffee shop. Located in Atlanta, GA, we love browsing their Journal for suggestions and staff intros, their Instagram for crave-worthy concoctions, and knowing that every purchase gives a portion of proceeds back to their neighborhood and their neighbors in the Old Fourth Ward. Stop by in person or shop their site for coffee to brew at home or dry goods to use at home, and be sure to give their social a follow while you browse. 




WATCH | The Outsider


Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, The Outsider is an adaptation created by Richard Price (think The Wire or The Night Of). A detective in a small town investigates a murder and soon is trying to find answers to the unanswerable. Suspicion, suspense and the supernatural all make this a must-see, not to mention the outstanding group that makes up the cast. Ben MendelsohnJason BatemanCynthia Erivo and Mare Winningham are just a few of the recognizable faces you'll find here. With all ten episodes available and ready to watch, good luck not binging the entire season. 




LISTEN | Smartless


For those of you Jason Bateman fans who don't lean towards the horror and suspense genre, you can find him here in the Smartless podcast for a much lighter and laughter-filled listen. Teaming up with Sean Hayes (Will and Grace) and Will Arnett (costar on Arrested Development), these three come together for an improvised session every Monday. For each episode one of them will introduce a mystery guest, while the other two dive into the conversation and the hilarity ensues. Guests include Will Ferrell, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Bill Simmons and more. It isn't just a comedic podcast - it's a way to connect and bring us all together while giving us a window into the genuine friendship between the hosts. Filled with insight and newfound knowledge every time, you're sure to be tuning in every week just like we do. 




INSPIRATION | Hunted Interior


With many of us spending even more time at home, we're beginning to notice the things we want to change within our walls. Kristin Jackson provides the inspiration and on a budget, believing it isn't how much you spend on your space, but how you make it feel for yourself and those that share it with you. Completing "One Room Challenges" (see her previously completed challenges here and here), DIY projects, ideas for holiday theme decorating and more, even if you're not looking to change a space in your home, she's a great follow. Her Instagram is also a perfect spot to peek inside her space and get an idea for your future plans or ideas for those old thrift store finds.




FOLLOW | Minimalist Baker


So maybe flipping an entire room is too big of a project right now. Between working from home, kids going back to school, that twentieth dog walk of the day or finishing up a Netflix series, sometimes we forget to set aside time to plan the meal at the end of the day. Minimalist Baker makes sure that you don't fall into the habit of thinking quick and easy means unhealthy or unappetizing. Every recipe is 10 ingredients or less, can be prepared using one bowl and finished in 30 minutes or less. Beet relishgreen curry tahini veggie wrapscrispy cajun fries - with meals this quick, you might end up whipping up an entire feast in no time. 

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