The Saturday Six Vol. 132

The Saturday Six Vol. 132


DRINK | Rabbit Hole Distillery


A glass of bourbon from Rabbit Hole Distillery isn't just an experience in world-class flavor. It's a practice in sustainability; of methods that have been used for thousands of years that RHD improves upon daily. Your support of the brand reaches further than you might imagine, starting with local Kentucky farmers and artisans by using non-GMO local grains and locally sourced materials in the construction of their buildings. From how they heat and cool their spaces, to how they distill and recycle batches, to local farmers using the left over grain to feed their cattle (talk about full circle), it's all done with future generations in mind, ensuring that we're all working together to create a place for them to take advantage of sustainability themselves. Thousands of years of history pulled together into one bottle, made for raising a glass to the future. 



ATTEND | Cold War Kids Virtual Tour


Seeing a band play live doesn't have to be a thing of the past. With so many of our favorite activities moving into the virtual space, we're excited to see some of our favorite bands jump in and take part. Cold War Kids, a California-based indie rock band, is kicking off October with a chance to see them play no matter where in the world you are. Four nights of different albums, they start it off with Robbers & Cowards on October 10th, celebrating it's 14th anniversary by playing the album in it's entirety for the first time ever. Purchase tickets to one night or all four and you'll also be able to revisit and re-watch through November 29th. Haven't heard Cold War Kids yet? Give them a listen here and you'll be grabbing your tickets in no time. 



READ | Seeing Our Own Reflection in the Birth of the Self-Portrait


Long before the selfie and the need for likes or views, there was the self-portrait. This article from the New York Times dives deep into the work of Albrecht Dürer, a German artist in the 1500's who created this stunning piece when he was still in his 20s. So detailed and captivating, it drew someone to damage the eyes of the painting in 1905 with a hatpin. This article speaks on his personal talent, looks closely at the remarkable details we may otherwise have overlooked, and discusses how we strive to present ourselves to those around us - something we are acutely aware of throughout the centuries. The construction and scrolling frames of the article itself are a compliment to the art it highlights within it - a must-read any casual or serious art lover.




WATCH | YETI Presents Films


Whether you've climbed a mountain, braved a storm, harnessed a waved or retreated into the wilderness, we are all captivated by these stories. There is a pull in us to see examples of endurance, bravery, and the ability to overcome a defeat against all odds. YETI pulls these all together in magnificently crafted short films that touch on a multitude of subjects and connect us all through the stories we tell. From a ranch in Hawaii to the streets of Brooklyn to the hills of Greenland and everywhere in between - you're sure to find a story here that inspires and speaks to your own sense of adventure. 






One of our favorite spots in Brooklyn to grab a cup of coffee is the bright and beautifully designed shop, Sey. Their attention to detail is apparent from the moment you walk in the door all the way through to your first sip. Even though we can't make it out to the East Coast at the moment, we can still enjoy their quality brews in the comfort of our own home. It wasn't surprising to see that their thoughtful touch is even applied to their packaging, but it's something we urge you to see for yourself. Ordering one of their seasonal blends is suggested - becoming part of their subscription and enjoying exclusives and pre-releases is a must. After trying a cup of Sey at home, you'll be looking forward to stopping by the next time you find yourself in Brooklyn. 



FOLLOW | @nourishing.amy


We went a little overboard with apple picking this season in an attempt to get outside and eat healthy, and we stumbled on this Instagram while looking for recipes to ensure our haul was put to good use. A delicious recipe for apple crumble bars led to pumpkin pancakes which introduced us to the pumpkin pie chocolate chip cookie dough. (If you make anything from her page, we suggest starting with this one.) Her recipes are easy to follow with healthy ingredients and delicious results. If you're not hungry when you start scrolling through her Instagram, be prepared for that to change. 

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