The Saturday Six Vol. 133

The Saturday Six Vol. 133


LISTEN | Matt Berninger


If the name 
Matt Berninger sounds familiar, you may be a fan of music by The National. The frontman recently released three songs as part of a solo project, and any fan of his smoky-voice is sure to love this new collection. Any newcomers to his talents won't be disappointed after diving in either. Starting off with a gentle acoustic hum, the album quickly builds up to his emotional lyrics backed by drums and piano. In his recent interview with Billboard, Matt describes the album as "not the warmest hug, but it's supposed to be a comforting record." Give it a listen and you'll know exactly what he means.




WATCH | Ted Lasso


You don't have to be a fan of sports to quickly fall in love with this new comedy on Apple TV+. Ted Lasso stars Jason Sudeikis (SNL, Horrible Bosses, 30 Rock), and tells the story of an American football coach who is hired to lead an English Premier League soccer team, the version of football that he has no experience in. The upbeat and charmingly optimistic Ted tries to navigate a sport he doesn't know while trying to win over a team with conflicting personalities, and all of this while the new owner attempts to run them into the ground as revenge against her ex-husband. Witty, hilarious and at times incredibly endearing, Ted Lasso will have you hooked after just one episode. 




SHOP | Munie Designs


Previously an industrial designer at YETI, Jeff Munie is the founder of Agave Products LLC and knows exactly what goes into designing and developing a quality product meant for everyday use - he's been doing it since 2010. A decade later he's still at it, and one of his durable and stylish designs is the Ferre Rolltop Backpack. Made for the office, the weekend hike, the day trip or the morning commute, this clean design proves that you don't need a cluttered pattern for a model that offers everything and is made for comfort. You just need a skilled engineer, and Munie is exactly that. If you're looking for a bag that can do it all without looking like it's doing it all, you just laid eyes on it. 




DRINK | Ice Maple Créme Liqueur


As we head into the cooler months, we love to enjoy a hot Irish Coffee or mix a créme cocktail at night or on the weekend. Our recent discovery of this Maple Créme Liqueur from Boydon Valley Winery in Cambridge, VT just brought our cocktail game to a whole new level. One of the first wineries in the state, and the first craft distillery in the U.S to specialize in cream liqueurs, they've been farming the land and making syrup since the early 1900's, and you can tell. They've perfected this smooth addition to any cocktail coffee or mudslide, and they even suggest adding it to French Toast. You don't have to tell us twice. 




LEARN | Science Vs: Hunting An Invisible Killer


Since Covid-19 became a global pandemic, many of us have heard references made to the 1918 flu pandemic. In the latest episode of Science Vs. from Gimlet, they sit down with a Swedish doctor who would travel to the ends of the Earth (literally) to learn more about the disease, and who has been described as "the Indiana Jones of the scientific set." Although the episode may only be 30 minutes long, it's a story than spans over five decades, and has had a lasting influence on science and medicine today.




SUPPORT | Independent Restaurant Coalition

Supporting local businesses and restaurants reaches farther than we may realize. From the people serving, cooking, cleaning and running the places we love, there are also the farmers, butchers, bakers, product suppliers and delivery drivers. There are the communities these businesses serve, support, employ, and feed. Keeping this industry running and ensuring your favorite spot becomes a future generation's favorite spot is now more important than ever, and Independent Restaurant Coalition gives us a place to come together and make this a reality. Whether you're donating money or donating your words, every bit and every voice count, so head over to their site to learn more. See just how far your support goes when it means your efforts affect 11 million jobs positively. 


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