This is a Special Edition of the Saturday Six

This is a Special Edition of the Saturday Six

To honor Women's History Month, this special edition of the Saturday Six highlights some of the countless women who are strong, inspiring, creative, philanthropic trailblazers. 

WATCH | Advanced Style

This film from 2014 follows seven New Yorkers ranging from the age of 63 to 95, documenting their perspective on aging and their diverse, personal fashion. Funny, charming, beguiling and touching, Advanced Style confronts individuality, what we will do to feel and look good, and even mortality and loss as we age. Intertwined with their vulnerable admissions are their bold and playful remarks, as the 81-year-old Lynn Dell Cohen explains, "I am dressed up for the theater of my life everyday."

SUBSCRIBE | Causebox

There are plenty of subscription boxes out there, but this is one with heart. With items arriving quarterly, each Causebox collection supports women, artisans and ethical, sustainable production. The pieces that arrive are beautifully crafted, useful for your everyday, and give back (sending girls in India to school, planting trees, donating to charity, and more). This is how we learned about Rose & Fitzgerald from our previous Saturday Six, and we can't wait to see who is featured and what worthy cause our purchase is supporting in the next box. 

LISTEN | Open Up The Heavens - Jade Bird

Jade Bird just released her first track of 2021 and it was worth the wait. With the rest of the album to be released this year, she was in Nashville recording the record and this track was created just two days before she flew home. Gritty, soaring vocals pair with energetic rhythms, accompanied by tambourine and 60's-esque guitar. If the rest of the album is anything like this first release, we can't wait to put it on and sing it loud right along with her. 

photo by abby a.


 We love fresh, seasonal ingredients, and our dessert is no different. This is what makes Spun an obvious choice when we have a craving for ice cream, and we always look forward to seeing what flavors they've handcrafted and cooked up when we stop by. What makes them stand out even more is that each order is made fresh, by flash freezing and avoiding any preservatives you would find in other ice creams. Their current special, strawberry shortcake, can be paired with multiple local and organic toppings while being served in one of their house-made cones. Stop in to experience crafted ice cream on the spot, and leave with a fresh treat and a satisfied sweet tooth. 

SHOP | Kay Foye

Before Kay Foye made knives, she admired their craftsmanship. When she met a knife maker in a shop she was working in, he invited her to Georgia to learn the trade, and she took him up on the offer. While she was an apprentice she discovered that the edges he cut off and discarded could lend themselves to her own unique talents, collecting them and designing her first knives with these castaway pieces. She now uses this skill full time, creating individually designed knives from our very own personal artifacts and memories - commissioned pieces and utilitarian works of art. See some of her previous knives here and follow along to see what stunning work she creates next. 

SUPPORT | Women For Women International

War and conflict can leave a region disrupted and ravaged for generations afterward, and Women For Women International ensures that the women and survivors of these catastrophes aren't left behind. They provide food, water and safety while supporting their growth and voice to make sure they are heard and not forgotten. They offer programs, education, and opportunities to develop skills and build strong foundations within their community. Join in and be part of the solution, by donating, sponsoring or even shopping and supporting partnerships that are also working hard to achieve change.  
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