Top Five Summer Break-In Tips

Top Five Summer Break-In Tips


Here in Texas, summer means heat. No matter where you’re located, high temperatures and increased humidity offer distinct challenges for leather goods. If you’re breaking in a new pair of HELM this summer, follow our top 5 tried-and-true hacks for getting the perfect contour comfortably.



Use Heel Grips

One of the most stubborn areas of any new shoe or boot is the heel cup (the hard piece of plastic in the back of the heel). HELM heel cups on average take several wears to soften and contour fully. Adding extra cushion by using an adhesive heel grip alleviates pressure points and reduces friction for a less intense initial wear-in period. Email us at and we’re happy to send you a complimentary set.



Condition the Interior

We use the same hide on the interior as we do on the exterior of every HELM boot and shoe. That means our footwear is built to withstand decades of wear. Conditioning the interior of your HELM with shoe oil, grease, or Blackrock will shave approximately two weeks off a break-in. We recommend applying Blackrock to the interior as regularly as needed to create a supple hide, ready to contour to your unique and individual foot shape. Allow to dry overnight. 


Wear Technical Socks

Heat and humidity can generate more sweat inside your footwear. Opt for socks with technical materials like added lycra content to wick and distribute moisture throughout the yarns. A technical athletic or cycling sock will keep your feet dry and prohibit blisters, even in the face of extra friction and moisture.




Invest in Shoe Trees

If your boots or shoes take on excess moisture or sweat during the summer months, using cedar shoe trees is the best way to protect your investment. Cedar is remarkable at drawing moisture out of wet hides. If you live in a climate that experiences inclement weather throughout the year, shoe trees are a must. Always open laces all the way up to dry and do not place shoes in direct sunlight. 


Reach for SecondSkins

We learned our final hack from loyal HELM fans at the shop. If you’re breaking in a new pair of HELM and are prone to blisters or have sensitive skin, consider using an adhesive SecondSkin bandage prior to wear. SecondSkin bandages (applied at the back of the heel, or wherever you experience hot spots) last up to two weeks. Our regulars swear by them and routinely report a blister free, blissful break-in, even those with highly sensitive skin.



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