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Date Night Style Tips and Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Instant Success: A gift card as the Valentine's Day move

Outfit Pairings: for your date, or to bundle as a gift

Care Tips: Looking your best in a pair you've had forever

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be stressful. Whether you're here as a shopper or someone getting ready to impress during your big Valentine's Day date, we have style recommendations that range from dressy to casual. Farther down you'll find care recommendations for that lucky pair of HELM that just needs a little extra love.

Want a sure thing on Valentine's Day? Get a gift card.

Gift cards are great for whether your special someone is hard to pin down when it comes to a gift, or your love hasn't quite gotten to the point where you know the perfect style... or your significant other's size (it's okay, it's not a first date question and Valentine's Day is tricky).


  1.  Our gift cards arrive instantly by email or text message in the form of a code.
  2. Once redeemed, the gift recipient can their order and any communication with us.
  3. We'll work with the recipient to find the perfect pair if they are any questions, or if sizing takes a few tries. While a gift card is final sale, we offer free exchanges.

Valentine's Day: Dress to Impress

Valentine's Day: Something In-Between

Valentine's Day: The Casual Date

Giving Your Trusty Pair Some Love

Does your lucky pair need some extra love before Valentine's Day? It's common for casual owners of leather boots, leather shoes, and leather sneakers to be a bit intimidated by leather care products. We recommend the products below and to use them depending on your frequency. Some general highlights:

  •  If you're a regular wearer, you might condition your boots with colorless Blackrock Leather 'N Rich as often as every couple of weeks. If you see scuffing or creasing, get ahead of it. Blackrock hydrates your boots and gives it healthy moisture (not to be confused with moisture that comes with your boots in the rain; more on that below)
  •  Chances are you can probably get by without Pure Polish pigmented shoe polish for longer than your conditioning regimen. If you're seeing dullness in color, apply a small amount and buff it with a clean polishing cloth.
  • You'll know when your shoes are shining. And when they aren't, and you're about to go out on the town, Pure Polish High Shine Boot Wax is the move.
  • If you're frequently out in the rain or snow, apply Otter Wax Leather Sealant on the surface of your leather, and especially focus on the seams and near the base of your uppers, around the Blake Rapid Stitching. These are the places where moisture is more likely to get in. Leather sealant adds a layer of protection that repels moisture; you'll know you need to reapply when water stops beading on the leather.

Look your best on valentine's day with these leather care products

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