What to Look for in an Austin Boot Store

What to Look for in an Austin Boot Store

HELM - Austin Boot Store

Well, it happened. Those boots you’ve loved forever and ever finally took their last steps. Maybe it was one rain storm too many, or perhaps you just knew when you snapped those time-worn laces in half trying to tie them up (possibly those extra reps in the gym didn’t help either!)?

Buying boots is not just another Sunday chore. It should be an experience, and a good one. A great one. One you'll remember. Plus, it’s a decent-sized decision, so it deserves to be honored.

Ahem, hi there! HELM Boots at your service! Whether you’re shopping online or in person, you bet your sweet bippy we’re going to take care of you.

You know how they say a happy customer will tell a couple people about their experience? We’re gonna have you flapping your gums to everyone you meet, just to brag about how good you had it over at HELM!

Shopping online is pretty popular, you may have heard. People tend to do some Googling before they show up in person, too. In fact, 81% of all shoppers will Google a business before they actually show up in person. And some even take the time to write a review (who has time for that right?!). But people with bad experiences are five times more likely to write a review just a friendly FYI.

We think how a business responds to negative feedback it just as important as its products. It shows that they stand behind their product and service and want to make it right.

We know we're gonna sound biased here, but we don't think you should be able to buy boots and Crocs in the same store! Just our opinion.

Our true expertise and passion is handmade boots, and we’re going to give you a neighborhood experience with love and attention, whether you’re visiting us in Austin or shopping on our website.

I mean, we talk about boots all day every day (we’re such nerds!), and can’t wait to answer your any and every question. At a big chain store, they might be able to tell you if they have a different size in the back, but then they’re gonna go “look” for it while maybe checking their Facebook status and eating some popcorn or top ramen. That's not service.

Also, if clams or bucks or paper money is something you think about (who doesn’t!), consider the long-term value in a pair of handmade boots from a real and locally owned Austin boot store.

They’re truly an investment. First, because they get better with wear and time, and second, because they’ll last a lot longer than a pair of boots made by just a machine. Ours are made with the highest quality real leather. Actual leather, not a synthetic material that is engineered to fool you into thinking it's high-quality. Purely mechanized factory made boots are designed to get on the shelf and on your feet with the minimum amount of labor and material to be profitable as quick as possible, even at your expense (sadly). 

If you're back in a couple years, or the next fall for a new pair of boots because your first pair wore out, even better. And that’s why our bottom line is a touch more complex – it’s more than just a quick profit.

Our handmade boots come from real people, putting their reputation on the line and putting their hard earned skills into every stitch. They want you to love and wear these boots for years and years. Their time and devotion and hard work further exemplifies the authenticity of HELM Boots.

Plus, you can feel good about supporting small businesses because small businesses are what really make a difference. 

Did you know that a study found that local stores put more than half their revenue back into the local economy? That's compared to the meager 14 percent those big boy stores or chains contribute.

Here’s a story about a famous person: Johnny Depp on Inside the Actors Studio was asked by an audience member, "where’d you get those boots!?”

Depp just laughed and looked down at his feet, remarking: "Ah, my oldest friends.”

Isn’t that rad? Imagine the disappointment if Depp had responded, "Payless Shoes. Got them BOGO." It would never happen.

It’s the type of relationship you can have with one really amazing pair of handmade boots and the people, too.

Our store has a story; the short version is we're passionate about quality footwear, and have been striving to bring it to the good people of Austin since 2009. You can read our full story here.

All of our boots are proudly produced and sourced in U.S. facilities, making them 100% made in the USA.

Check out our boots here!

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