What To Wear: Burgundy Boot Edition

What To Wear: Burgundy Boot Edition

If you have been following HELM for a while, you may know that we release a limited edition Color 8 boot each year. Color 8 refers to the specific dye that Horween uses to make the beautiful burgundy shade of leather. The name comes from the specific dye recipe #8, which resulted in the perfect mix to create a deep burgundy boot. 

HELM limited edition burgundy boot.

We love Color 8 for its unique shade, but that may leave some of you wondering - how do I incorporate a burgundy boot into my wardrobe? Never fear, because we are here to help.

You can think of burgundy as a neutral shade - like a black or brown. Because it is fairly versatile, you can always pair your boots with black or white for a classic look. Think black denim, white tee, burgundy boots, and you are set. 

You can wear The Marion Color 8 with black denim and a white tee.

For a more elevated pairing, we love wearing our burgundy boots with navy and grey. Anything in the realm of charcoal, slate, or silver adds a nice contrast to the deep red hues. Next, add a touch of navy to your look. Navy pulls in the purple undertones of the oxblood color. Deeper and richer blues complement the boots better than a brighter royal pop of color. 

The Marion Color 8 pairs well with navy and grey.

Our newest release, The Marion Color 8, comes with a set of black and a set of yellow laces. You may not think of The Marion boot as a style you can dress up, but paired with black laces, black belt, and a black suit - you have the perfect mix of rugged yet refined. 

For times when you want to make a statement, the yellow laces pull in the honey-colored sole to round out an unexpected pairing. You can keep the rest of your look simple to make the boots stand out or use one of our tips above to create your own signature look.

The Marion Color 8 with black laces.The Marion Color 8 boot with yellow laces.



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