Why Handmade Leather Boots Make the Perfect Gift

Why Handmade Leather Boots Make the Perfect Gift

Americans spend an average of 42 hours each year on holiday shopping! That’s a lot of freakin’ time you could be getting massages or eating your weight in holiday ham. We can think of plenty of reasons to streamline your gifting, not the least of which is peace of mind.

Shameless segue: a new pair of handmade boots are the perfect gift and you can buy them from your couch while in your pajamas. Yes, we’re talking about ourselves again. But wait! Just hear us out.


First, the best gifts are those which are truly desired by the recipient. Of course you want to give someone you love what they really want!

BUT, it should also be something that your sweet brother / father / boss / neighbor, isn't likely to buy for himself.

Cue in something that’s luxurious, not just practical. Bob can buy his own band saw or bath towels! You’re here to give a gift that’s going to make someone feel truly special (and also, score you points as a better gift giver than the other kids / in-laws / employees / bosses).

What’s more, a great gift keeps giving and serves as a frequent reminder of the person who gifted you so generously (and also that you’re awesome and have bona fide epic taste). 

The best gifts stay in the recipient's life (and on their feet and in their wardrobe) for a long time, and become beloved objects that remind them of you, and that they’re loved and deserve such a gift. 


We thought this would be relatively obvious by now, but we can elaborate:

People Might Not Buy Helm Boots for Themselves

Shocking, we know. Of course some of us would be glad to pay for a pair of high-quality leather boots for themselves (lookin’ at you, Larry). But believe it or not, some people think that’d be unnecessary extravagance – so what an opportunity for you!

Because you can give a meaningful gift that’s still practical! A dream pair of boots shows you care enough to give them what they would never give themselves, and they’ll get infinite use out of it, too. Don’t you remember that look on Cinderella’s face? She was dying for a pair of glass slippers her whole life, she just didn’t know it yet.

They Are a Great Reminder of Love

A gorgeous pair of boots keeps giving. They get better with age, and every time they get put on, the person is reminded of you. And really, isn’t that even more reason to give such a gift?

They are Completely Unique

Trust us, no one is going to white-elephant a pair of Helm Boots. They are handmade, and gorgeous, and get better with time and wear. The only thing you have to do now is find out your giftee’s size sneakily; hopefully they’re the same as you and you can have borrowing rights! Get to shopping!


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