Why Just One Brown Boot or Shoe Can't Complete Your Wardrobe

Why Just One Brown Boot or Shoe Can't Complete Your Wardrobe



We usually have a go-to color when it comes to footwear. It's the one we wear the most, that goes with almost everything in our closet, and that we feel most confident in. 

For those who gravitate toward shades of brown, seeing the difference between Teak and Natural or Brown and Wheat means your wardrobe just got a lot more versatile with a wider range of color. For those who are unsure about the difference, well we're here to help. 

Spot the Difference





Our latest HELM edition, The Nils Wheat, features a new leather type and color. Castello Leather in Wheat features a rich, even tonality, making it an easy, vibrant addition to any summer look. Brazilian Castello Leather is hot stuffed with a special selection of waxes and oils, hand-picked to deliver a hide with beautifully balanced patina and continuous depth. This unique leather type shows less character variance overtime, maintaining its consistent golden hue wear after wear.






Natural Balthazar leather features a glossy, waxed finish and warm chestnut hue. Our Natural Balthazar hides show character variance readily, making them the ideal fit for those wanting a boot that looks and feels like an instant wardrobe staple. Sophisticated yet laid back, natural pairs perfectly with all black ensembles and is a perennial favorite of denim enthusiasts.  






Our best-selling Balthazar teak leather is a rich bourbon hue. The most versatile leather shade in our lineup, Teak Balthazar leather pairs effortlessly with everything from denim to a classic navy suit. Those who love the lived-in aesthetic of well-loved boots will admire the ample character variance offered by Teak Balthazar. More so than other shades, each pair of HELM teak boots  and shoes take on a distinctive wear pattern entirely unique to their owner.




Balthazar Brown



Brown Balthazar leather features an even chocolate tone with a supple hand-feel and easy break-in period. Deep brown leathers are an excellent choice for those who prefer the look of consistent patina over time. The easiest to touch up, oil, and restore, HELM brown Balthazar leather stays polished and resilient year over year. 



Rockford Brown



With its supple handfeel, our Rockford brown is well-regarded for providing a comfortable break-in experience. The hide has a deep mahogany hue that shows beautiful character variance with wear. Casual yet cultivated, it transitions effortlessly through any number of environments. 


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