The Hollis Grey limited edition

Why You Should Join The HELM Crew Loyalty Rewards Program

A summary of our HELM Crew loyalty rewards program

How to get the earliest access to our exclusive and new releases

Tips and tricks for maximizing your loyalty rewards points

What is our HELM Crew rewards program?

We are unique as a premium leather footwear brand not only due to our signature white midsole, or our commitment to sticking with you long after your purchase, but also because of our rewards program. Our HELM Crew loyalty rewards program allows you to save more frequently, learn about new products, and also makes you eligible for exclusive experiences when we come through your city.

Getting started and rewards program benefits

Why sign up for the HELM Crew? It's easy for you to earn points fast, and your points are redeemable during virtually any big promotional period or sale window. You're also among the early access crowd for our new releases (note: you must be subscribed to our emails or texts to be in the know!)

Becoming a member of the HELM Crew is easy. All you have to do:

  1. Navigate to the Rewards program page.
  2. Sign up for an account and receive 100 bonus points just for signing up.
  3. Place your first order.

There are many ways to earn reward points

The two ways you can earn rewards points most regularly are making purchases on our site, and reviewing them so everyone knows what all the fuss is about. You receive 1 reward point per $1 spent, unless otherwise specific during a promotional window, when a rewards points multiplier is in effect. You also get one-time rewards points by following us on social media. Finally, we love to celebrate with you on your birthday, so you can get rewards points by simply taking a trip around the sun.

We have many participation-based surprise-and-delight opportunities where we manually deposit points in your account. We could tell you about those, but then it wouldn't be a surprise! Our advice: participate in everything and you put yourself in the best position to be seen and rewarded.

earn by referring your friends and family

You can also give your friends $50 off on their first footwear order and get $50 for each successful referral. A referral is considered successful when your recipient successfully places an order without processing a return.

Here's how you can redeem rewards points

Once you've accrued 250 rewards points, you're eligible for redemption. The redemption multipliers get better as you continue to save up your rewards points, and the highest rewards points redemption tier can get you many of our styles by simply using points!

How to get the earliest access to releases

Our HELM Crew loyalty rewards program isn't just about the rewards points. It's also about access and experiences!

The Hollis Grey was a limited edition release and only 50 pairs were made when it dropped on February 7, 2023. Each of our releases follow the same release sequence:

  2. HELM Crew
  3. General Public

There is a caveat: you must be signed up to receive our emails or text messages in order to be notified in your designated group.

Hollis Grey limited edition

HOW DO I become one of the helmsmen?

You automatically become a HELMSMEN after you've spent more than $600 in our store over your lifetime as a customer (this also nets you HELM Crew rewards points). The single-greatest benefit of being in the HELMSMEN tier is being the very first to know about any of our releases. When we released The Hollis Grey, two of the sizes sold out in just hours, and 50% of the inventory was gone by the end of the one-day HELMSMEN window.

Beginning in 2023, HELMSMEN are also eligible for exclusive, invite-only experiences when the HELM Team travels throughout the United States. They are also the first to get sneak peeks and provide feedback on new products and the future of HELM.

Tips and tricks for using your rewards points

Strategizing with your rewards points is half the fun! Some members of the HELM Crew prefer to use their rewards points to tack on some leather care, which will keep your boots lasting longer. Other members prefer to save up their points for the moment their perfect pair becomes available. We get it, sometimes a release drops when your budget is focused elsewhere; having a rainy day fund of points is a great option to prevent new release FOMO. Also remember: your rewards points are good for virtually any promotional period or sale window. If your code isn't working and it's eligible, contact us for help and we'll get it applied.


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