Woody Lovell: Moving Forward in Uncertain Times

Woody Lovell: Moving Forward in Uncertain Times

Making positive changes in an ever changing world requires finding peace with uncertainty. We tapped Woody for his tips to maintaining momentum and building stamina in the now.


Keep reading for three ways that he uses to move forward, even when it feels like life is standing still.





Following Your Intuition


"If you’re going to trust your gut, make sure you’re not starting from an activated state. Cultivating stillness of the mind is critical. A daily practice might look like surfing, going for a hike or sitting outdoors with a morning cup of coffee. Invite meditative rituals into daily life as these built-in pauses allow strategic choices to arise from a place of calm. Train your mind to respond vs react."



Be Bold But Forgiving


"Entrepreneurs are leaning into adaptive skill sets and creativity. Now is the time for bold moves, clever pivots and innovation. Don’t be afraid to take a deep three. You might not sink every shot, but all growth requires risk. Be generous with yourself. Forgive mistakes and focus on rebounding quickly."


Build Resilience 
"Aim for resilience not perfection. Mistakes can lead to breakthroughs. If you’re nimble, conscious and strategic about setbacks, it’s likely you’ll discover unforeseen insights and real transformation waiting on the other side of doubt. Necessity is the mother of invention."




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