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Woody's World: Cultivating Resilience

Living in the moment works well when it comes to processing worries we have for the future or sadness we have about loss. A bigger challenge (and one we’ve all faced this year) can be using moment to moment thinking strategies within the context of a global health scare. When threat and uncertainty is physically in our bodies, it can be challenging to maintain a baseline of focused calm. 
The latest The Barber and His Therapist podcast explores Ian’s personal recovery journey from COVID, all with a wife who was 9 months pregnant. We encourage you to take a listen and, in the meantime, read on for three ways to cultivate resilience now.
"When adversity happens, it's not uncommon to catastrophize. Thoughts such as, “What if this takes a turn for the worse?” are understandable. When you're able to bring even the smallest dose of awareness to a challenging experience, you create a pause in which to transform panic and anxiety into resilience and strength. When feeling physically ill, it’s easy to get mired in negative emotion. Remember that even in tough moments of terror and worry, there is another experience waiting beyond fear. Keep your thoughts moving - if we stay in the flow, we find our sorrow always leads back to our joy."
"Feeling appreciative of the things around you is a shortcut to moving out of fear and into gratitude. How do we allow our insights to fill us? How do we bottle our feelings of gratitude and connection? Being attuned and engaged to the present while appreciating the small things is critical in these uncertain times. Celebrate the good. Take it in. Amplify experiences and sensations of ease, comfort and safety. When we become more aware of all that we have to be grateful for, we feel purposeful and ready to take on new challenges.


"It’s easy to talk about staying positive when you’re not in crisis. As we come out of this pandemic, we all must remember and acknowledge the myriad challenges ahead. Many responsibilities will come back into our lives. When the world opens back up, it’s likely our minds will attune quickly to the rhythm of being busy once again. Be careful about what you think about now - it’s important to not spend so much time painting a negative picture for the future. With the New Year in sight, you get to decide how your 2021 will be perceived, so let’s look forward together with a positive attitude and hopeful spirit, grateful for the knowledge that we’re stronger than ever."