Woodys World: Fall Style Inspiration

Woodys World: Fall Style Inspiration

Purveyor of West Coast cool (and our favorite Barber), Woody Lovell has a knack for pairing classic wardrobe staples with modern pieces for an updated style. From blush colored accessories to earth-tone neutrals, his Fall looks continually inspire us to incorporate a pop of color or unique, stand-out piece for an unexpected twist. For even more inspiration, we asked him who he’s following, where he’s shopping and what he’s wearing as the seasons change. Keep reading for tips on creating your own enviable Autumn style. 

Your style seems to have a sense of playfulness and joy. Do you pay attention to trends in fashion or do you put looks together more off-the-cuff? 

"I don’t think so much about what I’m going to wear as I do about what I’m about to do in what I choose to wear. Your clothing should be another layer of your personality that comes naturally and feels organic."

Your looks are often punctuated by great accessories and pops of color. Are there any colors you're particularly loving this Fall? 

"This Fall I’m keeping my colors simple and  solid. No patterns. Strong earth tones with touches of red, pink or green."

Who inspires you style wise?

There is no one particular person or designer I follow. I’m  inspired by the general public. I love people watching, especially in Los Angeles. There’s so much diversity and creativity in how people present themselves. Luckily for me though, I also have friends in the fashion business, and I work very closely with clients of these two gentlemen here - @andrewweitz @waraire__

How does style change the way you show up throughout your day?

"I believe in mixing business with pleasure - my clothing choices should coexist with my plans from the beginning of the day to the end."

Can style, fashion, and grooming positively impact your mood?

"Principal No.4 in The Barbershop Club is to live your life with wisdom and combine the interior with the exterior.  

When I’m feeling good about my plans for the day and my outfit complements that, I’m at my best."

Can you recommend any brands you are loving right now? 

"These are three that I’m following closely and I feel like they’re leading the way in fashion. They have a full range of accessories and clothing, so you can find it all with them. The Optimist, Buck Mason, and Visvim."

How often should men be visiting the barbershop? What's optimal?

"It’s funny, clients always ask me when they should come back for their next haircut. I always tell them the same thing: Everyone is different. When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and run your hands through  your hair… you’ll know. That’s when you make your next appointment."

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