Woody's World: Grooming

Woody's World: Grooming


We’ve spent a calendar year keeping good and clean, and now comes the (long awaited) fun… whether you’re planning a vacation or simply venturing back out to your most missed restaurants, the art of looking good this summer has never felt more welcome. We caught up with our favorite West Coast barber and man of style for his Summer Must List. Keep reading for Woody’s grooming essentials.

“There are two trends coming through the shop at the moment: On one hand, you have guys wanting a fresh start and a new look. On the other, you have folks who want to take things slow and only stick to what they know. 

In either camp, everyone’s ready to give up the crocs and put on a pair of great looking (comfortable) shoes.”

Ready for a whole new you? 

Changing up your grooming or haircut is a great way to signal the dawn of a new era. When it comes to your closet, upgrading your shoe game is just as fast and effective. Nothing takes a look up a notch like a great pair of shoes. Much like a fresh trim, new shoes elevate the whole vibe. 

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Committed to the classics?

There’s nothing wrong with repeating what works, and there’s nothing more tried and true than a great feeling sneaker. While getting back in a suit and tie may take some time,  upgrading your casual footwear now is one easy way to channel handsome, intentional style without sacrificing the comfort of your beloved sweats. 

Shop Shoes & Sneakers: The Charlie, The Bradley & The Wilson

Elevate your everyday essentials. The small luxury of a regular self care ritual is a relaxing way to bookend your day. Try a new shave cream, add a fresh leather belt to your wardrobe or simply polish your favorite pair of shoes. The details make a difference. Maintenance is essential to growth. 

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