Woody's World: Moment to Moment Thinking

Woody's World: Moment to Moment Thinking

The power of moment to moment thinking is a simple practice that brings gratitude and meaning to everyday life. Instead of focusing on going from port to port, this endeavor becomes about taking things wave by wave. We don’t always stop to celebrate our accomplishments and gifts, as we’re conditioned for momentum, always looking ahead to the next thing.

The simplest way to have what you want is to want what you already have. By practicing moment to moment thinking, we grow happiness by the simple act of becoming more aware of it. Once you see it, you see it often.

Keep reading for three ways to stay in the moment. 





Stay Sharp

There’s a stigma to therapy that goes something like, “I’ll seek it out when the house burns down....when I lose the girl....” There’s a reason we wait until we’re desperate or in crisis to get help. When a want becomes a need, it gets prioritized. Take control of your mental well being before things go south. Ask for help. Schedule regular check-ins. Build out a routine that keeps you sharp. You do not need an hour of therapy three times a week to create meaningful change. Tune-ups do a world of good. 



Notice Joy Now

You’re already having moments of good feelings and joy everyday. Positive intervals occur naturally and consistently, even in dire times. Moment to moment thinking offers the power to create your own reality, so instead of seeking out a set of new habits or rules to follow, tune into small everyday pleasures and joys as they arrive. When you’re able to attune your thoughts to the present, joy and contentment show up daily. All feelings are fleeting. The trick is to be at peace with the flow and be thankful for what is here now. 



Embrace Unknown Outcomes

Life isn’t about curating all positive moments. Sometimes we need to stand in a space that is “bad” or difficult to be honest and real. Rather than feeding attachment to a particular outcome, encourage awareness through stillness. If the desired result never arrives, that too may be a blessing down the line. The more we welcome uncertainty and the unknown, the more we are able to connect with our own experience—moment to moment. When you reframe your experience to take one wave at a time, you’re able to stay in challenging situations with greater patience. Knowledge that the continuum remains in motion is power. 


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