Woody's World: Power of Perspective

Woody's World: Power of Perspective

As social animals, we define our world through interpersonal interactions and shared experiences. Our new normal of social distancing and group isolation means everyday emotional exchanges have become spaced out, limited and even altogether eliminated. When we limit these emotional touch points, our perception of time doesn’t feel the same.
Change is happening both fast and slow all around us. In a time of global crisis, our shared experience feels special in the sense that everyone on the planet is affected and involved.


The Power of Perspective

How do we carry ourselves through this? How do we continue to mine moments of hope in the face of adversity and risk? How do we tap into a good feeling and let it ride? 

The best answer we’ve found (as explored in the latest podcast): Perspective. Big picture thinking is the linchpin to better decision making and mental maintenance. Positive attitude flows freely from a powerful perspective.

With that in mind, here are three ways to Practice Positive Perspective now.


Consider Context

"Perspective offers patience in dealing with others. Consider the individual histories, traditions and lived experiences of those with a point of view different from your own. Instead of jumping to conclusions or succumbing to premature judgement, listen from a place of curiosity. Holding space for the free expression of ideas does not mean you’ve co-signed onto a conflicting belief system. Meaningful dialogue requires a respect for context and a willingness to communicate directly. Listen up."


Set Boundaries

"We’re living through a global phenomenon. Guard your mental state and well-being by setting clear and healthy boundaries with friends and loved ones. Be mindful of what others are bringing to the table, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Don’t feel as though you have to mirror anyone’s anger or match a partner’s anxiety. Allow people to have their own experience while staying grounded and confident in your unique perspective. Exit gracefully from conversations and conflicts as needed. It’s ok (and only natural) if they arise."

Embrace Perfection

 "Remember, we’re all doing our best with what we’ve got. Allow people to be human. Everyone is bound to have different feelings and perspectives given the infinite possibilities of lived experiences. Diversity of thought is beautiful. Don’t allow the chaos and uncertainty of the current climate to eclipse your focus. If you find yourself in conflict, lead with patience and forgiveness. Offer your perspective gently and generously with grace. It is not a reflection on the giver if the gift is refused."


Listen to Woody on his podcast, The Barber and His Therapist. All seven episodes are available online and ready to binge, with a new one out each month.
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