Woody's World: Shifting Gears & Connecting Over Passions

Woody's World: Shifting Gears & Connecting Over Passions

In the latest The Barber and His Therapist podcast, Woody and Ian connect over 3 ways to find your way out of the pandemic and back to yourself.

Embrace The Uncomfortable

Normalizing discomfort is a powerful tool for growth. Some of the best things in life are wildly uncomfortable at first. From starting a new job, to asking someone out on a first date, or playing a new sport, startups can be awkward, intimidating or scary. Nothing truly worth having comes easy, so embrace the squeeze.

Strength In Teams

Being separated from the people we love the most has taught us all the value of community. If the pandemic has made anything clear, it’s the people who are most important to us. Be a good teammate. Prioritize spending time with your #1s and make yourself of service.

Joy In Passions

Make time for play. Discover new passions. Connect to your joy. Heading into this year we have the clarity to devote more energy to activities, groups, travel and hobbies that leave us feeling fulfilled and happy.

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