Woody's World: Surfing As A Metaphor

Woody's World: Surfing As A Metaphor

"Surfing is as much a sport as it is a metaphor. Spending time with my kids in the waves has a way of illuminating truths, both simple and profound. This week I’m sharing three lessons I've learned as a surfer - lessons I talk about with my family and my therapist. Surfing takes risk, boldness, patience, resilience...things we all need right now."

It's Calmer Past the Break

"It’s counterintuitive, but I often tell my kids that surfing is more dangerous the closer you get to shore. The shoreline is where the surf is pounding the reef and the real danger lies where the surf crashes into the beach. Way out where it gets really deep? Out there it’s actually pretty calm. 

We’re in a time where people are digging deep. We’re looking for direction, for signs, for things to make us feel connected and empowered. If you take the metaphor of surfing, therapy and life-coaching are those deep waters. When you go deep with an objective person in your life that has your  best interest in mind, (friend, family, therapist, etc.) it is highly productive. We all a nonjudgmental sound board to normalize the discomfort of that process; someone to push us outside of our comfort zone to obtain much needed growth."

Trust the Flow

"When I rewind and look at ways I’ve been successful in the past, satisfaction has always been elusive. Nothing was ever enough. I was always pushing myself to take on more, elevate my approach, go beyond expectations. I’ve always been comfortable with being in the deep end. I’ve learned I don’t always have to map and predict to be successful. I can trust the process and allow space for intuition.
When I quiet down and follow the current, that’s where I find calm. This journey has taught me the value of listening. Trust in it - find and surround yourself with people who can help guide you through and embrace the path forward. Stay in the flow."
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