Woody's World: The Mental Oil Change

Woody's World: The Mental Oil Change


The Barber Shop Club has introduced one-on-one life coaching sessions to it’s members, making it a one-stop resource for advice in every corner of life, from character and career to relationships and stress management. 

Especially in these uncertain times, communication and coaching are invaluable tools for discovery and transformation. Accessible 30 minute mental health check-ins are an effective ritual that enable us to respond vs. react in the face of challenges.

We’re all clocking a lot of emotional miles these days. Pulling over for therapeutic dialogue along the way is necessary for continuing the journey. With that in mind, here are 3 easy tips from Woody and Ian for mental maintenance now.



Start Small 

"Much like getting a haircut or a clean shave, mental health is a maintenance game. When we build regular rituals into our daily lives, we habituate acts of self-reflection. These small intervals add up to big payoffs, building in a pause to process emotion and cultivate resilience. With practice, this pause becomes the space where we choose to consciously respond vs. merely react."


Why Not
Carve out that extra 30 minutes before the morning meetings to go for a walk
Meditate for 5 minutes or download a breathing app before making dinner for the kids 
Create a standing 10 minute a day self-care sanctuary



Normalize Discomfort 

"It’s natural to feel fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the face of chaotic change. In fact, it’s a reasonable reaction. When we recognize and accept pain as a touchstone to progress, we normalize discomfort and process anxiety. Numbness and denial won’t build mental muscle. Moving forward means facing feelings."


Why Not
Push through an extra mile on your run
Subscribe to The Barber and His Therapist podcast
Pick up a biography on an inspirational figure who triumphed against the odds



Get a Coach

"Self-care and introspection can only take us so far. From time to time, we also need effective strategy and expert advice. Therapists, mentors, business advisors... Ask for help from professionals you trust in the community. Your game improves with the right coach. Give your mental health the advantage of a trusted confidante by way of regular, thoughtful discourse. Remember, even The Godfather had a consigliere."


Why Not
Check-in with your most trusted family members
Connect with a business mentor 
Schedule a Zoom Happy Hour with your confidantes


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