Your FAQs Answered by Liz

Your FAQs Answered by Liz


Hey, my name is Liz and I'm one of the two faces you’ll see when you come into our Flagship in Austin. My favorite thing about being in the shop is getting to interact with customers face-to-face and hear their stories. Given that it’s not possible for everyone to come see us at our Flagship, I’ve put together a list of the five most common questions I get regarding fit.
Our online customers often ask, “Great, I got my boots in the mail but how should the right size feel on my feet?” Here are a few points of reference that you can look for when determining if your boot is a good fit.




You want to make sure that the boot is snug but not overly tight to where it feels painful or uncomfortable. The reason for this is because whole grain leather will stretch out over time. If you are in a size that is overly spacious, this could lead to a sloppy break-in and ultimately an uncomfortable fit. If your shoe does not fit well, you’re not going to be inclined to reach for it in the first place. A good pair of boots should feel like a baseball glove; it should hug you well and become more supple with each wear.




You want to determine where your toe ends in the boot. The best way to achieve this is by wiggling your toes in the boot and pinpointing where that is with your finger. Once you do this, you want to make sure there is about an inch of space from the place your big toe ends to the end of the boot. If your toes are touching the end of the boot, we’re going to want to go up half a size for optimal comfort. If you have more than an inch of space up front, we’re going to want to go down half a size.




Another factor to consider once you have the boots on your feet is whether you are feeling any excess pressure on the balls of your feet, or the sides. This is the widest portion of your foot and one that many people overlook as they think about sizing. Oftentimes, you can see the sides of the boot bulging outwards when this is the case. The temptation here is to order a larger size because the boot is “too snug”. Take time to consider where the pressure you are feeling is. If it is on the sides of your foot, the best course of action would be to order a wider shoe (EE), not a longer one.




A simple but important detail when determining how boots feel on your feet is making sure you are trying on the boots as you would wear them on a day-to-day basis. For example, if you would typically wear the boots with thick wool socks, trying on with a thin dress sock will give you an entirely different feel. You also want to take the time to lace the boots up all the way and tightening them as you would before you step out the door. Properly lacing your boots will make sure your ankle is in proper alignment and will therefore give you a more accurate feel for them on your feet. Sometimes this is all it takes!




It is not uncommon to experience a little bit of heel slippage in your boots, even when you are in the right size. ¼” of slip in new boots is standard. The reason for this has to do more with the width of your heel and less with the size of the shoe itself. New leather will contour to the shape of your foot as the last settles over time. Those with narrower heels are likely to experience more heel slippage, even in a shoe that is the correct size for them. As mentioned in the previous point, wearing thicker socks and lacing your boots up well are small steps that may make a big difference in the way your heel feels in your boot. If you are experiencing extreme heel slippage, I would recommend sizing down half a size. Another tip that I use myself is placing a heel grip on the inside portion of the heel cup to where it forms a “c” around your heel, making for a snugger feel.




No matter where you’re located, I hope these simple reference points make you feel like you’re not too far from our Flagship.


If you have any questions regarding what styles would fit best into your existing wardrobe, how to size, or how to evaluate your best fit, call Liz for a quick chat at 512-609-8150 or email us anytime, day or night, at for all customer service inquiries. 



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