best made men's leather boots

Best Made Men's Leather Boots

What is the best made men's leather boots? Now that is a question with many answers. Most of the answers can be found when you yourself have decided what type and for what purpose you require your boots for.

Cowboy boots are a style of riding boots that in the gone by years were worn by cowboys .They are mostly hand made by cowhide leather but occasionally can be made from other exotic animal skins such as alligator, elephant , even buffalo and many more.The most popular cowboy boot has a cuban heel with a rounded or pointed toe and has a high shaft which partially covers the leg.There are two regular types and styles of cowboy boots. One is the western style and the other is the roper style.The more classic western style is most likely to be seen to have a long boot shaft extending to at least mid calf and fitted with an angled heel.A newer more modern design is the roper boot style,this type of boot stops above the ankle but well before the middle of the calf.Roper boots are normally fitted with rounded toes but with many styles changing they can now be found with square toes.The roper boot style of boot can also come with a lace up design which in most cases are of a better fit around the ankle area and are less likely to slip off .

Many types of riding boots have been a massive part of equestrian life for generations and most were designed and handmade by craft men to order.Later when the industrial revolution took place allowing the mass production of some styles of boots more appealing to budget conscience individuals,but the craftsmen still specialised in hand crafting their far superior boots.

Handcrafted boots or shoes are made especially as a one off for certain customers,both feet are measured and at the fitting the boot maker will check and ensure that a perfect fit for their customer is achieved and everything is satisfactory.

Best Made Men's Leather Boots

best made mens leather boots

Originally in times gone by all of the best made men's leather boots were handcrafted and so to many a superior quality and fit was always attained.Take motor cycle boots for instance, they must be made from a thick and very heavy leather to improve the safety of the wearer when riding a motor cycle and are of a design to help protect the riders feet,ankles and legs in the case of an accident .So in this respect, quality must always come first.

All types of boots no matter what the purpose should always be of the best quality leather and be fit for the purpose they were intended for. Dress boots, casual boots, work boots and sport boots all have one purpose and that is to keep the wearer safe and guarded against weather conditions and all offer added protection to the foot and ankle.Quality made boots and foot wear are always going to be more of an expense than some inferior made boots so always purchase at the top of your budget, because the boots you choose will last a lot longer if kept in good condition. So to sum everything up, always purchase the best made men's leather boots. Shop the HELM Collection today. Shop now!

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