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Best Quality Men's Leather Boots

When you have decided to purchase a pair of gentleman's best quality men's leather boots you will most certainly only get what you are willing to pay for.If your on a slim budget then you would only get cheap leather and with that would come a low standard construction of the footwear that no doubt will fall apart in a very short period of time. Therefore you will have to replace and purchase another pair. However  a wise man would invest and spend more money and purchase a top quality handmade and built to last through all seasons pair of boots.

Boot makers world wide take pride in their handmade footwear and their design and you are paying extra money for top quality footwear in the knowledge that they are constructed with the best possible leathers available by dedicated craftsmen who have spent years honing there skills in the art of boot making.Like all expensive leather goods, boots are no different and must be taken care of to keep them in tip top condition .The use of leather conditioner or oil is used to keep their superior looks and quality for a long time . Most of the handmade leather boots will need you to condition them before they are worn and you will be required to condition them possibly every few months to help them keep their shape and looks.Most of the conditioners on the market keep the leather water and sometimes chemical resistant and also will guard against the leather drying out helping to avoid tearing . Learn more here

Best Quality Men's Leather Boots

best quality men's leather boots

The best and superior leather for the best quality men's leather boots, hand made boots, is full grain leather,it has a smooth surface and has very few flaws and is most sought after and popular type of quality leather used by boot makers .

Top grain leather is the second highest grade of leather and has been sanded and refined to remove any scrapes or impurities within the leather.Top grain leather does not age as good as full grain leather but is still strong and durable .

Calfskin leather is made from the skins of young cattle and boots made from high quality calfskin are usually the most expensive and possibly double the amount than regular leather.If you invest in a pair of calfskin boots they would surely last you a long time due to the superior quality of the leather.

Veal leather is another type of leather used to make footwear and is considerably older than calf leather. This type of leather has a coarser grain than calf leather and has been used mostly in the making of casual footwear .

Kidskin leather is made from goats and is more expensive than full grain leather but less costly than the superior calfskin.There are also many types of leather used in the making of hand made footwear including many exotic leathers which include the skins of crocodiles, alligators, snakes and other types of exotic animals.

For all the various and numerous types of leather the most important factor is the quality as we have said you only get what you pay for so for the best quality men's leather boots, purchase at HELM Boots here.