handmade boots

Handmade Boots

Everything these days appear to be factory quality. Most men are tired with this type of quality and are therefore turning to handmade boots and other footwear. The benefits of handmade footwear is incredible, let me just explain the benefits of handmade footwear.

Quality - Every individual when purchasing footwear requires and needs quality.  HELM Boots offer a large selection of handmade boots, expect nothing but superior quality in the boots at HELM, unlike inferior footwear on the market, handmade footwear will last longer - they have the durability factor. Handmade boots are assembled with skill and sewn with care. 

 Unique - Handmade boots are made one pair at a time. Yes handmade boots will be a bit more expensive than the boots manufactured for mass consumption, but for those men who know what they want, they will be willing to pay that little bit extra, especially where the impact of appearance is concerned.

Handmade boots from HELM have been constructed and designed with great care. And if you are seeking nothing but quality and style you will and should purchase a pair from the large HELM Boots range.

HELM has a large selection of boots to choose from with a large variety of sizes and colours. Expect nothing but quality and comfort when you purchase a pair from HELM Boots. When purchasing a pair of boots, the boots should match the personality of an individual. You will certainly find a pair which will do just that and more at HELM Boots. You will also be able to wear almost any design you choose here for any ocassion. Most boots in stock are suitable for all types of ocassion, whether it be work or casual. 

Handmade Boots

Let me share with you a few recommendations on which handmade boots available at HELM Boots are the best:

My first recommendation for you is the ZIND TEAK :

 handmade boots

Not only are these boots absolutely stunning, they pair up well with jeans or a suit, which means they are absolutely suitable for any type of ocassion. This is one unique design you wouldn't or shouldn't miss. Handcarafted in the usa and designed and constructed from Horween Leather - these are nothing but quality and will last you a lifetime. Shop Now!

 My second recommendation here is the HELM Muller Blucher Boot in Teak :

blucher boot

Again another pair of boots which stand out from the rest. Truly unique. These amazing boots can be worn with almost anything. They are suitable again for any type of ocassion and will look great with jeans or work trousers. The quality again is superior, designed and constructed using Full-grain Horween Chromexcel® leather and handcrafted in the USA. This is one pair of boots which would certainly get you compliments.See more.

As you can see from just the two recommendations ive provided, when you purchase a pair of boots from HELM - you will get nothing but style and quality and of course durability.

Shop the full collection of handmade boots today! Shop now! 

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