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Leather Dress Boots

Have you been searching for a pair of leather boots with style and durability and had no success? Look no further, HELM Boots has a wide variety of only the best leather dress boots in stock made to last.

.When selecting a pair of footwear you always have to be careful. One of the main factors in helping you make a decision in your purchase is the materials used, which means the better the material used higher the quality. Therefore they should and will be durable have a long lifespan. 

Leather boots are popular with both men and women, and are certainly a good investment if you seek durability. Leather boots make you look stylish and give you confidence and can and should be suitable for all types of ocassion.

While leather boots can come in different shapes and designs, what really sets them apart is the leather they're made of. Here at HELM Boots we only use the finest and best leather, mainly Full-grain Horween Chromexcel® leather. This leather is said to be a pull up leather and is a leather which can be left unpolished so the boots have a matte finish look and appearance.

One range of design of leather dress boots i would like to showcase is the Muller range from HELM Boots which includes the muller blucher , the muller black and we also have the limited editions in stock. 

Leather Dress Boots

The Muller Harrier black Limited edition is a personal favourite of mine and is one of the most popular at HELM Boots.

leather dress boots

The Muller Black, one of HELM's most popular styles and is one of a kind.Handcrafted in the usa and made from Full-grain Horween Chromexcel® leather and with a sole which is durable for increased protection of your feet, you cannot go wrong with this pair.Only 30 pairs were made of the muller harrier black, hence why it is a limited edition. You are sure to get heads turning with this pair of boots. See more.

For other limited edition leather dress boots shop now.