mens brown leather boots

Men's Brown Leather Boots

Most men own a pair of black leather boots, but have you ever thought of purchasing a pair of men's brown leather boots? While black is the most popular colour when it comes to footwear, once you see the HELM Boots collection you will and should want to own a pair of brown leather boots.

Today most men and women love wearing boots because they are trendy, stylish and of course rugged. When selecting a pair of boots most people take into consideration the material used and leather is certainly the most popular.

If you purchase a pair of leather boots they are sure to last, well they will if you purchase them from HELM. If you require a pair of brown leather boots which are comfortable, stylish and durable look no further than HELM Boots.

There are all different types of leather including calfskin leather which is said to have a tighter grain and fiber than cowhide. Other types of animal leather include: Bovine leather (cowhide) Cordovan shell (horse).

 Always remember if you need your boots to last ensure you look after them, leather boots should be maintained regularly so they last you a long time.

Mens Brown Leather Boots

 Let me now amaze you with just a few pairs of mens brown leather boots available for immediate purchase at HELM:

 First we have the HELM Railroad Blucher - Made from supple leather and featuring a 1-inch heel and a mini lug sole for added grip, these are one pair of boots which are stylish but sturdy. Shop now.

mens brown leather boots

Next up we have the Zind Teak , what can i say - a personal favourite of mine. This boot is suitable for both casual and work purposes. These are one pair of stylish but classy boots. Designed and constructed using rich Horween Chromexcel leather, these boots will and should last you a lifetime.Shop now.

zind teak

Third on my list is the Muller Harrier Teak Limited edtion - Only 30 pairs were made in this design hence why it is a limited edition. Fully lined in natural leather and designed and crafted with full grain Full-grain Horween Chromexcel leather, these boots are nothing but quality, stylish and durable.Shop now.

muller limited edition

Please check out the other men's brown leather boots available at HELM Boots.

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