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Men's Leather Chukka Boots

A brief discussion on men's leather chukka boots.Chukka boots are normally ankle high boots with leather or possibly sometimes a rubber sole.These multi purpose boots are laced boots normally fitted with 2 or 3 lace up eyelets.British army soldiers wore a variation of chukka boots in the desert campaign during and after world war 2 and which were soon classed afterwards as desert boots.

Chukka boots have been made in a very wide range of materials but normally suede or calfskin and leather.The styling of this attractive boot became very popular during the mid 20th century as a casual wear and now during the 21st century chukkas once again have made a reappearance and become a popular menswear boot that can be worn with almost any type of trousers, whether it be a jean or a formal trouser.The look and attractive style of chukka boots are of having the appearance of a very smart casual or dress boot which is ankle high with rounded toes and is seen to have a very thin leather sole .Chukka boots have also become very popular with members of the armed forces having served in southern Africa and other desert locations and have become a very popular comfortable variation of footwear.

The Chukka boots name derived from the game of polo. A chukka is a period in time within that sport.The classic style of and colours of chukkas were of light suede colour with crepe soles, though now a days they can come in all different types of leather but with still the same familiar styling.A chukka boot is basically an ankle high boot with a very low number of eyelets regardless of what material they are made of, they are classed as chukka boots. They are one of the most comfortable and yet versatile type of casual pair of boots you will ever wear

Desert boots are chukka boots but just to ensure there is no confusion not all chukka boots are desert boots.The best way to tell the difference is by having a close look at the sole of the boots.Desert boots will have a crepe rubber sole.

Men's Leather Chukka Boots

men's leather chukka boots

Chukka boots today come in a wide variety of leathers fabrics and colours that are so versatile that they can be worn to the office or a night out at the public house or restaurant.They are without doubt one of the best type of boots to wear with jeans adding a bit of class to your look.For the fashion-conscious they are a must have boot that are smart but casual making you look and feel great.Chukka boots although available in a variety of colours are most commonly found in differing shades of brown and like all men's leather chukka boots look fantastic with any clothing and will certainly add to your overall appearance.Even wearing a suit to a formal occasion you can dress it down and feel more relaxed and brimming with confidence,or with chinos and a variety of different knitwear you can create a fashionable head turning look with your distinctive men's leather chukka boots. Shop the HELM Boots range today!