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Sneakers Are for the Average Guy: Here Are the Top Mens Fashion Boots to Make a Statement

Boots offer more than just comfort and style. They’re a staple in a man’s shoe wardrobe. In fact, 76% of women said they want to see a man wear boots on a date.

When shopping for boots, you notice there are many different boot choices. Which is right for you? In a lot of ways that depends entirely on preference from guy to guy. But there are a handful of things to keep in mind when choosing your first, second, or even third pair of men's fashion boots to round out your wardrobe.

The Men’s Fashion Boots You Need to Own

Chalmers Boots

Chalmers boots are perfect for the guy who appreciates the industrial strength of military boots but loves the vintage style.

These boots are made for some serious action, provide comfort while looking extremely stylish. The secret comes from its sleek design, making this a versatile style of boot.

These boots are only available for a limited time.

Background Story

Josh Chalmers and his wife Abie own the Bearded Lady in Austin, Texas. The Bearded Lady is a gallery and a print shop. 

Not only is Josh a humble and sincere man, but he also works hard for his clients. His heart and passion are in art and design. Which is where these boots come in.

The boots signify the industrial strength of the entrepreneurial spirit. Their artistry is minimalist and vintage, but sleek and aesthetic.

These boots commemorate Chalmers not only for his workmanship but his passion for art and a reminder to stay humble, no matter where success brings you.

Style Tips

If you decide to purchase a pair of Chalmers boots, there are some style tips to know.

As mentioned previously, these boots are powerful. They're made with Blake Rapid Stitch construction and fulled lined with leather. These boots are ideal for walking in multiple terrains, including hiking.

Should you only save these boots for long walks? Not a chance. These boots are extremely stylish and look great when you're out and about. They also make great boots to pack when you travel.

Because of their tan color, these boots match with many outfits. They especially look great with dark denim and black slacks.

Pablo Men's Fashion Boots

Pablo Boots

Pablo boots consist of a simple and minimalist style, especially fitting the minimalist trend that’s everywhere in Europe. But this simplicity goes a long way. Pablo boots are a classic look but fit the modern boot consumer.


Pablo Boots are available in these colors:

  • Brown

  • Black

  • Chocolate

  • Tan

Choose which color best suits your personal style and where you plan on wearing the boots.

For example, our brown, tan, and chocolate Pablo Boots are best for casual days.

While black Pablo Boots make great casual outing boots, the sleek black color looks great with a suit, making them ideal for the office and formal events.


Pablo Boots are also made in either leather or suede. The leather boots are durable, making them ideal if you plan on staying on your feet all day. While these aren't hiking boots, they are appropriate for long walks or small hikes. Because of the fine suede material, you should only save the suede Pablo Boots for more relaxing days out.

Zind Boots

Zind boots are truly unique because its dressy style is perfect for the office but its combat boot feel is also perfect for a night out with friends. In addition, the leather craftsmanship also makes this a fine industrial boot.

The secret is in the many influences used to craft this boot. Zind boots are narrow and refined, preventing the bulky look of most combat boots. The sole also has incredible grip and traction, making it perfect for the industrial man.

What really makes the Zind boots stand out is its comfort. The boots are soft, made with Balthazar leather. The sole is cushiony, but it is also slip-resistant making it perfect for a rainy day.

Zind - Men's Boots Fashion and Style Tips


Zind boots are available in these colors:





Natural is what it sounds like -- natural leather. We use genuine Horween Chromexcel Leather, with no dyes or any additives. The boot's color embodies the natural beauty of leather.

The Teak boot is truly unique. Teak is an exceptional shade of brown with hints of brass.

Style Tips

While these boots are industrial-quality, their formal style makes these boots better to wear out on the town or even in the office.

The outfit you choose for these boots depends on your outfit. The brown and teak Zind Boots look the best with a pair of jeans or khakis.

If you're a fan of dark denim and black pants, you'll find the black and natural Zind Boots match best with darker pants.

All of these colors are perfect for the office. However, the natural boots offer a more formal feel while deterring from traditional work shoes.

Lou Boots

Like the Zind boots, Lou boots are versatile enough to compliment any wardrobe staple.

They’re designed with several styles — fresh leather for a formal look, a classic combat boot style for the industrial look, and quality construction to last through any situation.


Lou Boots are available in these colors:




The natural color uses authentic Balthazar Leather, without any dyes or additives. We use the leather's natural beauty to grace these boots, resulting in a unique color that looks great on any man.

Style Tips

Lou Boots are one of the most versatile from our collection. This means each boot is designed for many different activities, regardless of the color.

Does that mean these are industrial-grade hiking boots? It's best to wear these boots for light activities, such as a bike ride or long walks around town.

Lou Boots are casual boots as opposed to formal. Wear any color Lou Boots with a pair of jeans and leather jacket.

Declan Boots

The Declan boot is another chukka boot style and is very similar to the desert boot. However, the Declan boot has a very fresh and modern look.

Men's Fashion Boots Style

The narrow front of the boot is elegant and the boot is laced in a traditional style. But the boot is a little higher than the average boot, coming up to the ankle. This is why the Declan boot is perfect for both the office and a night out with friends.

Small details also change the Declan boot’s impact. Color is a perfect example. Black and brown Declan boots look more formal while a tan Declan boot has more of a casual feel.


Declan boots are available in both leather and suede. Suede is only available in the tan color.

Style Tips

Declan Boots are one of the freshest boots in our catalog. Their vintage look is perfect for a night out at the bar or the brewery. Their design is also very sleek and slim, perfect for the office or a formal event.

If you opt for the brown or tan Declan boots, pair the boots with different colors. These Declan boots look great matched with colors such as blue, tan, and silver.

We're not saying the black Declan boots don't look great matched with other colors. But your outfit will look most pristine when you pair black Declan boots with an all-black outfit. 

Muller Boots

Another formal variation of the industrial boot is the Muller boot.

Muller boots raise high on your ankle but fit slim against your ankle while getting bulkier toward your foot. You can easily hide this bulkiness with a pair of slacks and you can tuck your jeans under the boots for a casual day out.

Overall, the Muller boot features a clean and sleek style that’s very versatile.

Muller Men's Fashion and Boot Style

Style Tips

If you decide to wear a Muller boot with your suit, be mindful of the color you choose. Black looks more formal than the rest of the color options.

While the teak color is also formal, it's best to wear this boot while at a social gathering or an office party rather than a major meeting with a client.

Marion Boots

The Marion boot is similar to the Muller boot but is far more unique.

It features the same industrial boot-style but with a modern sleekness to it. But the small details help this boot stand out. Unique details include the stitching and white midsole.

Style Tips

For a more eye-catching effect, you can also change out the laces on these shoes so you can give these boots a unique spin.

Marion Boots are only available in olive. This unique color makes a perfect night-on-the-town boot and will make you stand out. They look exceptional with dark denim.

Railroad Boots

The Railroad boots were originally going to be a limited edition boot style in 2012.

But because of popular demand, they were brought back. What makes Railroad boots so popular? There’s a reason why they’re called “Railroad” boots — they’re emulated after classic boots worn by railroad workers.

Style Tips

These boots are taller than average. They have an inch heel and serious grip for protection. But its sleek appearance gives the boots a more modern feel.

Because of their industrial style, these boots are great for hikes or any situation where you'll be on your feet all day. They also make a great daily boot, no matter the situation.

Wear your railroad boot with casual clothes, such as your favorite jeans.

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