Saturday Six CXXII

Saturday Six CXXII



Emmer & Rye in Austin is focused and dedicated to fresh, local, seasonal and beautifully crafted menu items that change daily and never fail to please. Open for dining, you can reserve a six course meal, enjoy their patio for a picnic, or even order one of their meal kits and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. With current menu items like Royal Red Shrimp with Smoked Dock Seed Kombucha Butter, Braised Pork Shank Tacos and Dewberry Compote, it's easy to go back again and again knowing there will be something new and delicious every time you visit. 





As many places remain in the virtual space, we still need outlets for relaxation and health, both physically and mentally. Energies Balanced is offering live streaming virtual yoga classes for only $15 a session. Tune in with Lisa J., an Austinite with over 10,000 (that isn't a typo) hours of teaching under her belt, as her calming, down-to-earth demeanor is felt even through the computer screen. Once EB opens back up, we would definitely suggest taking a look at their membership program, and enjoying unlimited classes, discounts on massages, teacher training programs and more. 





Staying in touch is more important than ever as many of us continue to spend time apart. Reaching out to friends and loved ones for everyday occasions can look good and feel good when the products we choose are sustainable and created from 100% recycled materials. Enter Aya Paper Co. - offering minimalist artwork in beautiful color tones and prints. With stationary that looks this good, you're sure to see it displayed the next time you're able to visit the lucky receiver. 




photo by mike morgan



Every headline today, no matter how fleeting, has a history that goes further back than we may realize. To better understand the present day news cycle, Rund Abdelfatah and Ramtin Arablouei take us back into the past and link our current experiences to the moments that shaped them. Giving us "the story and perspectives often missing from history textbooks to help us understand the world today," this podcast from NPR is sure to teach us a few hidden facts about the stories that surround us.






Re-created using recipes from her youth and flavors of Grenada, Jeany's Ginger Elixirs incorporate star anise, tamarind, guava, hibiscus and more. Based out of Austin, her jars are also available to order through the Vinder app and even as a sampler pack. Each elixir is sure to make you feel great, not only through the quality ingredients, but through the passion that she puts into each recipe. 





Native New Yorker, Lynai Jones, founded Mitchell Black, offering easy-to-apply wallpaper patterns that are made in the U.S. With many of us kicking off some home renovation projects, giving a room a makeover just got a whole lot easier and more attainable. With peel-and-stick or traditional application options, plus prints ranging from subtle to beautifully detailed, browse their site and you'll quickly find your inspiration.




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