Helm boots by Hilos

Hilos meets Helm

HELM by HILOS grew out of a shared commitment to the way things get made. HILOS designs for a circular future, building technology for the future of footwear. Every pair of HELM is designed for comfort, longevity and timeless appeal. Together, we believe leaving a lighter footprint makes a major impact.


The construction process starts with a digital model formed directly from the last design. HILOS 3-D printer is first loaded with TPU, which is sintered together by lasers, layer by layer, until the soles are formed. 18 hours later, the soles are taken out, de-powdered, and cleaned off. The soles then go through a process called vapor smoothing, where the TPU is smoothed, shined and passed off to the maker.

Traditional Shoemaking

The Emmett is lasted and constructed utilizing the centuries-old and well trusted Ideal Working process with Rapid Stitch. Paired with the 3-D printing technique from HILOS, the Emmett truly is proof that technology and tradition can coexist.

Circular Design

Circular design and construction is an integral part of sustainable sourcing and sustainably designed footwear. Every piece of The Emmett is designed with the intention of creating a seamless end of life. We are excited to participate in a footwear model that reduces waste and lowers the environmental impact while encouraging mindful, ethical manufacturing. 

Emmett Whiskey
Emmett Black

Step 1 - Design

Designed with 3-D Printing in mind using HILOS technology. State of the art production uses recycled materials and 85% less water, making each pair a sustainable option.

Step 2 - Outsole Production

It takes 18 hours digitally print the soles, and they're custom built for you. Beacause each pair is made to order, no unsold inventory exists, creating less waste and unused material.

Step 3 - Digitally Crafted Mesh

3-D printed mesh is added to the sole for the most comfortable fit. You'll feel like you're walking on air.

Step 4 - Tradition meets Technology

The outsole is now complete and is ready to be stitched to the leather upper using Ideal Working and Rapid Stitch construction.

Behind the Design