Our Inspiration

We're inspired by the world around us 
The architecture, the people, the art, the craftsmen who help construct our boots. We try to draw as much as possible from an amalgam of styles and landscapes, from Brutalist architecture to the desert landscape of West Texas to the snowy streets of Boston or the evening skyline of LA. We want to represent the adaptability, diversity and durability of American people and culture. 
HELM Boots isn't a huge corporation.
We're a small group of people who care about our design and work tirelessly to make sure that you love it as much as we do. We strive to provide the highest quality of service and hope that in improving your experience with HELM, it will brighten your day and inspire you to go out and be your best, as well. 
And, of course, we're inspired by you 
The people who take our vision and make it a reality, wearing our boots till they're individualized and take on their own life. Our base of musicians, artists, engineers, business people, waiters, crafters, builders and everything in between is what brings a concept to life and lets us see the humanity in our product.