Food and wine pairings

A Wine Tasting Journey with Post Parade Wines

Wine tasting is not just about the act of sipping, or indulging; it’s an experience, a story of the terroir, technique, and the journey from vine to glass. Post Parade shares with us how to approach an ideal wine tasting.

Know The History Beyond the Taste

Before you open a bottle, understand the history and story behind the wine. Post Parade Wines was born from Kentucky entrepreneur Brook Smith’s deep appreciation for Napa Cabernet. Joining forces with accomplished winemaker, Thomas Rivers Brown, the two aimed to create site-specific wines from some of the most iconic vineyards in the Napa Valley.

Thomas Rivers Brown and Brook Smith
Thomas Rivers Brown and Brook Smith


The first vintage of Post Parade was in 2010 with only 75 cases produced. At around 900 cases produced today, Post Parade is a wine that is only found by the most curious of wine collectors. Named after the captivating moment when thoroughbred horses walk onto the racetrack, and paying homage to Brook’s Kentucky roots, Post Parade is a culmination of hard work, planning and luck. Thomas and Brook believe this transcendent moment translates into their shared winemaking and viticultural vision.

The Calistoga is our love letter to wine country.

Understand The Wine's Chemistry

Different winemakers employ different methods and techniques. Thomas Rivers Brown emphasizes minimal intervention, to ensure the wine showcases the unique characteristics of each vineyard. For Brown, Post Parade’s process must also include fun and passion.

Appreciate The Vineyards

Each vineyard imparts its unique essence into the wine. Post Parade works with some special vineyards within and beyond Calistoga:

  • QTR Vineyard: Located in the serene elevations of Howell Mountain, it boasts soils rich in volcanic matter and enjoys both afternoon sun and cool evening breezes.
  • Kenefick Ranch: Positioned in the foothills of Calistoga Palisades, it enjoys the most significant diurnal shift, ensuring more acid retention in the grapes.
  • Oakville Ranch: A thousand feet above the valley floor, its organic farming practices and rich volcanic soils cultivate vines that truly thrive.
  • Tournahu Vineyard: Notable for its exceptional drainage, producing wines with a potent blend of robust fruit and brilliant acidity.
  • Larkmead Vineyard: Here, the convergence of the Mayacamas and the Vaca Range offer a nuanced and complex terroir.

For our release of The Calistoga, we created a small batch, single-run leather corkscrew holder.

Inspired by our visit to Calistoga, elevate your experience with this premium corkscrew, boasting a rich rosewood handle that marries style with function. Its durable stainless-steel construction ensures seamless bottle opening every time. Accompanied by a luxurious leather pouch embossed with a subtle HELM logo, this corkscrew not only serves as a reliable tool but also as a statement of sophistication. Perfect for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs, it's the ultimate blend of elegance and utility. Carry it with you for moments that call for a celebration.

Perfect Your Taste

As you pour the wine into your glass, note its color, viscosity, and aroma. Swirl it to release the bouquet, take a moment to inhale deeply, savoring the intricate notes. As you taste, let the wine linger on your palate, capturing its acidity, tannins, flavors, and the finish.

Pair and Share

Wine and food pairings

While wine tasting can be a personal journey, it's often best shared. Pair the wine with complementary food, discuss its nuances with friends, and enjoy the communal experience. The Stretch Drive Cabernet Sauvignon pairs elegantly with creamy mushroom polenta or quinoa stuffed red bell peppers. The Post Parade Cabernet Sauvignon is ideal with a rib eye steak or with lamb lasagna. 

Giving Back

Lastly, tasting isn't just about enjoying luxury; it's also about contributing to the community. Post Parade proudly supports the Backside Learning Center, aiding track workers in building their language, technology, and cultural skills. The journey of wine tasting becomes even more enriching when it's tied to a cause.

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