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Woody's World: The Importance of 360-Degree Swagger and Wellness

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Woody Lovell, Jr.

Woody is a man of many hats and talents who primarily works as a barber out of The Line Hotel in Los Angeles. He shares tips about fashion and wisdom about how the modern man can approach life through his Barbershop Club Principles.

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Editor's note: In this issue of Woody's World, we touch on swagger, and how it translates to your body and mind's wellness. Our favorite West Coast barber and man of style regularly shares wisdom about fashion and where it intersects with confidence and resilience, especially in recent times when the definition of wellness is ever-evolving.

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Interior and the Exterior Wellness Working Together

For more than 20 years, I’ve created barbershops that allow me to work in a space where I can bring the interiors and exteriors of men together. I believe the combination of a sound body and clear mind is a force-multiplier for health, wellness, and happiness; the balance we should all find. In a setting like a barbershop, people need to have confidence in my style, because I’m trusted for my wisdom when it comes to my clients’ own looks.

Your go-to outfit when you’re socializing is oftentimes your “go-to” because it makes you feel good, and it makes you look even better. Always wearing clothing from Buck Mason that allows me to create comfortably, and standing in a pair of HELM footwear are my standard. I’m on my feet all day in a barbershop, so it’s important to have grounding to pair with fashion that allows me to operate freely.

My barbershops offer a fresh take on where the exterior and interior meet. I operate from a core belief that balance is at the center of wellness. It is this perspective that is the foundation that inspires me to shape my client’s experience.

Here are three helpful things to think about when you’re approaching your own style and wellness:

  • Are you preparing yourself for the environment you’re entering? It’s not just about fortifying yourself mentally, it’s also about the literal fashion you’re wearing. Will what you’re wearing allow you to do everything you need to do? Will it elevate your wellness?

  • What does time look like? I’m on my feet for long periods of time. What is the makeup of your schedule relative to how your body needs to perform? A great pair of footwear should—at minimum—be a matter of survival and further take you the extra mile on the style scale, too. The wellness balance needs to account for longevity.

  • Do you know your style comfort scale? Where can you inch forward and be more adventurous with your style? I’m not talking about a complete makeover. I’m talking about that extra accessory, or smaller style choice, that could pay off big if it boosts your confidence, wellness, and leads you down into a new fashion dimension.
Grooming and wellness are the foundation of what I believe makes you feel better and look better. Master these, and your mental wellness doesn’t just operate; it vibrates and resonates. Mental wellness is what breeds swagger on the inside and out. Start small—you don’t have to tackle it all at once—but keep at it. Your wellness will only improve.

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