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Woody's World: Some Things Should Never Change

Woody in a barber chair

Woody Lovell, Jr.

Woody is a man of many hats and talents who primarily works as a barber out of The Line Hotel in Los Angeles. He shares tips about fashion and wisdom about how the modern man can approach life through his Barbershop Club Principles.

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Editor's note: In this issue of Woody's World, we touch on Barbershop Club principle #2: The Exterior Matters. Our favorite West Coast barber and man of style regularly shares wisdom about fashion and where it intersects with confidence and resilience, especially in recent times when change is the main constant. 

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When Change Stays The Same

There's a lot of conversation time when someone's in my barber chair, and because I'm always rocking one of HELM's styles--new and old---my partnership with HELM is something that often comes up. Over time, I've brought a fair share of clients into the Crew, and they each still regularly come in sporting their favorite pair from years ago. I'm reminded by them of how change has played such a fierce role in our lives over the last several years, but in spite of the change in

the world around us, some things remain constant. Unfamiliar with the Barbershop Club Principles? Check out my podcast, or read up on them here. Principle #2 is that The Exterior Matters. From grooming to lifestyle, the way you feel when you look in the mirror is important. Having a wardrobe staple is invaluable when it makes you feel comfortable and look good at the same time. When made well, they age well. Check out these photos from the chair, and grab your own pair.

here are some pictures of my clients' helm boots

don't feel like you have to change. your look is about what makes you most comfortable and confident.

There are a couple different types of boot wearers; those who keep things crisp and polished, and those who embrace the patina. Neither are wrong, and it's about what fits you, but in both cases, taking care of your boots is important. Care can also elevate your look. Here are a few ways to commit to a routine, and also change up your style without a big receipt:
  1. Change up your laces game. One of the most affordable ways to switch up a look is a different color laces, and you can find those on this website.
  2. Make leather care a routine. For leather uppers, it's all about sealant to keep out moisture, conditioning to avoid cracks and creasing, and polishing if you want to maintain color or shine. Shoe trees go the extra mile to maintain form and absorb moisture.
  3. Match the belt. If you don't have a belt yet, chances are HELM makes one in your style. Not enough people take the time to precisely match the color around their waist with the color of their footwear.

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