My Dad Boots - Everyone Has A Go To By Brad Day

My Dad Boots - Everyone Has A Go To By Brad Day

Someone a few weeks ago asked me which boots I wear the most, and when describing them I referred to them as my “dad boots”. Not as in the boots my dad wore (as I’ve got way better style than my old man), but the boots that I “dad” in as that’s the thing that seems to have taken over my life - taking kids to school, attending sporting events, sneaking in ice cream when my wife’s out of town. Essentially, they’re my everyday boots for everyday life.  

Lou Teak

I always recommend having certain boots and shoes for certain occasions. The beauty of a versatile boot is that it can simplify your life, from streamlining your morning when picking which shoes are best for the day ahead, to just packing one pair for travel. There may be multiple pairs in your closet that you love, but there’s still always that one pair that’s your favorite to go-to, and it’s different for everyone. Here’s why The Lou’s are my favorite and how some of the other dad’s I know picked their favorite dad boots.

Brad | The Lou’s

My wife blames me but we have very active kids and are always on the go, so I need something that’s going to hold up, allow me to keep up, look good and be extremely comfortable.  I also live in Portland, Oregon, with weather that’s all over the place. The Lou’s are perfect for adventures in and out of the city and I never have to worry about what the weather’s going to throw our way.   

Lucas | The Xander’s

My buddy Lucas decided to do something we all dream about - take his family to live in Europe for 6 months, staying a month in a different city. They rented out their house, adjusted his meeting schedules slightly to account for the time difference, and has spent the last 6 months walking around Europe, his Xanders rarely leaving his feet.

Eric | The Jakob’s

My older brother is an executive producer in Los Angeles, so he needs a boot that’s able to bounce from selling shows to producing them. He’s also a boot snob, so his Jakob’s are his go-to during the week, but also perfect for road trips to Mammoth to get out of the city. He’s bummed right now while they’re being re-soled, which I fully understand.  

There’s nothing wrong with developing a healthy footwear collection and having different styles and colors. I actually encourage it. At the same time we have to admit that there’s always one that we love more than the others. Last time I was in Austin, I reluctantly left my Lou’s there to be displayed in the store. After 5 years, they’re perfectly worn in and a great example of how comfortable our boots get with each wear. I guess now it’s time for me to start breaking in my next pair of dad boots.
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